September 14, 2012

County Fair!!!

Summer came and went... We had the County Fair in town. It was the first time for us. I've heard of them and watch them on TV but never went before.
My friends at the shop encouraged me to enter my crocheted pieces. I did... here's what happened:::
MG took me to the Fair back in July so I could enter my pieces... that day, I had my dearest and best friends coming to visit us... they arrived at night. My twin friends whom I've known since we were 3 years old in kindergarden, and my loved and awsome uncle who is one of my closest friends...

So the following week, when the Fair was in it's full, we went to see the results...
I got ribbons in all my pieces!!!! ALL of them!!! I couldn't believe it!!! it was totally amazing and I was jumping and my face hurt from so much smiling!!
I got a first place and honor ribbon in my purple coat... And a first place ribbon on the yellow girl dress:
A first place on my knitted pink-magenta sweater that I think I never shower you because I can't find the post... I should write about it... is sooo pretty.
A first place and honor on my Eva's Shawl...
And a second place (ggrrr) on my crocheted sea... I knew it was going to be bad because I didn't wove all my ends in... well... next time!
AND last!!!! I got a first place, and a SECOND RESERVE CHAMPION on the green vest!
You see, after all that I realized that everyone that enters whatever pretty much gets a ribbon... 1st, 2nd or 3rd... and it's mostly a "grade" on your work and how good was in detail, manufacture, quality, etc... and not so much against others. Still it was pretty exciting!!!

But the last one, the Second Reserve Champion was a real 2nd place withing the whole category. So I was deffinitely happy for that.

Later, we went to explore the fair:::
You can see how happy my friends make me!!!!
And dear MG decided to take the day off and was with us all day walking and seeing animals and eating delicious food fair....


Very proud of myself, until next time!


  1. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on all your wins! I'm proud of you for entering! I need to do that! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Congratulations, that is so awesome! The judges obviously know good stuff when they see it.


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