May 17, 2011

U is for......... Ultimate news and stuff.

Hello guys!!!
I've been neglecting blogland! and then, on the day I was inspired to write a post, the blogger down occured and I just couldn't sign in or leave messages on your blogs... shame!

But I'm back with several things to share with you...
Red Velvet Whoopie Pies and Milk!          
They were delicious!!! Some friends said that they were "to die for" :o)
Mini veggie frittatas for evening snack!! yum!
Farpoint topper finished!!!
Close up of the texture and design.
This top it's made with Incredible yarn, by LionBrand, designed by Doris Chan in the book Amazing Crochet Lace. Ravelry project page here.
Me, happy, wearing the Farpoint topper.
I have a new knitting bag!!! for all my crochet! LOL
I finished my Rosa's Sleeveles Tunic!!
Took forever after I had to take it all off and start again... but it's finished and I love it!
At the lake!
MG took me a pic while I slept on the couch!
We'll be taking a trip to Rochester this week... I'm excited to see old friends and spend a good time there, and MG not working in the lab!!!
So I'll see you when we're back...

 V is for.......... Vibrant Colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you looooove it!????????
I mean, seriously!
I just have to look at it to smile!!!!

It is my Vintage Stripe Blanket in progress... I'm making it with my Sinfonía yarn that I brought back from Mexico. Do you remember it?
I haven't worked a lot on it... first I wanted to finish my tunic and then I got into the lace-y top.
But I'm really happy with it... I found out today that I made a mistake color wise, when following the color pattern I made with the random stripe generator... I have used some colors instead of others but still looks good.
So far, it measures 51x16 in! not bad huh?

And my last thing to share!
I just got a new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My last camera stoped working and maybe you remember that I didn't have a very good start of the year with it, loosing the memory card inside the computer and all that... so I haven't been taking as much pics as I would liked. And I've been kind of sharing MG's camera, but it's not the best.
So about 2 weeks ago, I was talking in the phone with my Mother in law and she told me that her camera had died too and she wanted me to buy a new one for her here, because is cheaper than in Mexico, and another one for me!!!! we chose different cameras... she got a Nikon Coolpix P7000 and I got a Canon S95 that just arrived today!!!!
So I hope that with it, I'll be able to take more pics of nice things and be back to blog duty!
Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!
See you soon... well, more like in a week or so, when we get back from our trip!

May 11, 2011

T is for.... TOTALLY in love!!!!!


I mean, I know is good to be in love, I think that if you are in a marriage the best thing is to be in love with your spouse!!! but I also think that there are levels and sometimes you can be more in love than other times.

And lately I am in those times where you're just super, totally, deeply and absolutely madly in love!!!!!!!!!


He completes my life and my days in a very undescriptible way... he fills my moments, even when we are not together, he touches the deepest inside of me when he looks at me and smiles and I just melt.
Usually, he wakes up before me, and when I get out of bed (still half sleep) and go to meet him... he leaves whatever he is doing to come and hug me, cuddle me and fill me with love.

It's so easy to be in love with him just because the way he is, but it also helps, and a lot, that he feels exactly the same huge love for me!!!!

Ever since we met, I have loved every time he looks at me with eyes full of adoration for me...

I could go on and on telling you about all the wonderful being he is... but I guess it could become a little cheesy and corny!!! so instead, I'll tell you that we had the most amazing weekend together...

We went to a Pub on Saturday afternoon, where he had a stew with beer and I had a vanilla milkshake with coffee cream and crocheted for a while!!! then we went to a close by lake and rented a boat and rowed for an hour... it was quiet, without a lot of people around, and romantic...

Sunday was spent in a lovely way too... Morning in a vineyard and winery with a nice picnic enjoying the warm weather... and the afternoon in a lovely and folckloric (spelling?) town... walking, taking pics at all the little stores, eating ice cream... etc!

No (nice) scrap pages for that yet, sorry!!! I haven't made my pages for that day and I have a lot of pics!!! so some singles here...
Wine barrels
At the winery yards...
Our Picnic lunch... Salami, baguette, brie cheese and spreadable sun dried tomatos

The stores...

Ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys, very in-love... I'll say good bye and leave you...
I'm going to the mall! hehe...

See you soon!

May 06, 2011

S is for.... Simply Me!

"S" is for Shanti...

I have no idea if you would like to know more things about me but a blog is pretty much about ourselves and our point of view on life isn't it??? So today post it's totally about me.

  • I'm the oldest of 2 kids, I have a brother who's a year and a half younger than me. 
  • I am so lucky that both my parents are alive and are happily married and raised me in a loving family enviroment.
  • I went to a catholic school from knidergarden to highschool... all 15 years in the same school.
  • I took ballet, piano and dance classes at some point while growing up.
  • I used to hike with the hiking group in the school. 
  • I love kids and I used to attend various summer camps as councelor and I even "directed" a couple of summer courses and activities.
  • I learned to crochet when I was 5 or 6, and since then I have always had a project going on.
  • I started to make jewelry 13 years ago because I got bored in highschool clases.
  • I learned to knit 3 years ago.
  • My best friends are a set of male twins that were with me all those 15 years of school!
  • I LOVE my mom and she's my best friend also...
  • MG is the only guy I seriously dated and my only boyfriend. 

  • I can sit a whole afternoon just chatting and I don't need a lot to be happy but I'm always working on something with my hands!
  • I love to read fantasy books and of course romance! and I like girly books and movies too!
  • I love comedy, romance movies where there's a cute storie and a happy ending.
  • I believe in fairies and princess(es) and I had several princess dresses to play with while growing up.
  • I am super fan of Peter Pan! I love the story and all about it.
  • I get emotional very easy and I cry about anything sweet and happy... a TV comercial, a movie, a program, a detail from a friend, etc...
  • I love to give presents and make the people around me feel nice and "at home".
  • I can't wait to have kids!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love to take pictures...
  • I love icecream.
  • I NEVER baked or used the oven until a year after we got married... now I've discovered that I love cooking and baking and trying new recipes.
  • I'm not very fan of music... I can be 12 hours alone without playing music. But curiosly I'm almost all the time singing.
  • I LOOOOVE musical plays in the theatre and that is the music I like best.
  • I LOOOOVE to dance!
  • I love bright colors.
  • I love being happy.
  • I love, love, love they way MG loves me.
I think that's a good amount of stuff!

See you soon!

May 03, 2011

R is for Royal Wedding...

And I know we've had several things going on in the world and several days have passed since the Royal Wedding was.... but as I thought and thought about a good post with "R" anything came to mind nor seemed more acurate than the Royal Wedding... so:::

R is for ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!
I was one of the 2.5 billion people that saw the Royal Wedding on TV and I have to say that I enjoyed it enormously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've always been a dreamer... a princess and fairy tale believer... an avid reader of romantic stories with happy endings.... and I must confess that I didn't knew a lot about the wedding until a week ago or so. I've seen pictures of them on the magazines but never bought one to read about it... until last week when TLC channel started a whole week of wedding specials with stories of the Royal Family, their weddings, their lifes, the preparings for this wedding, the wedding and story of Prince Charles and Lady Di, the story of Kate and William, interviews, set ups and more....

And I saw most of them and recorded all of those that I couldn't watch... I got excited in most of them, I got goose pumps all over my body all the time and more than once I had tears in my eyes and sometimes down my face.

I wasn't even born when Prince Charles and Lady Di got married and I must have missed all the Royal weddings between then and now (although I think they had never done one like this one)...
So I was absolutely thrilled with this fairy tale...
It amazed my completely all the effort and detail that they put in all of it... the great protocol and formalities that they have through their lifes... the political life and manners that they have to observe and attend... and the down to earth, in-love, happy and nervous couple that looked eager to be with and for each other and make a life together...
I think she looked absolutely gorgeous and amazing and I think she'll make a great Princess...

And after all, she got what every girl dreams of...

See you soon!

All the images are borrowed from the Brithish Monarchy's Flickr...