July 12, 2014

Life is wonderful....

Hello dear Blogland...

I haven't been around for almost a year...
My last blog post was about rushing to get to an interview... well, I got the job and for the past year I've been very happy working as a Science Lab Teacher for Kindergarten and Elementary, 1st thru 6th grade. And helping with middle and high school.

It's not very common here to have Science lab so early in school, it usually starts once you get to middle school but the school I'm working at has a strong focus on science and creative-critical thinking... which I love.
I pretty much believe that it is the perfect job for me because I have the science part that links back to my college degree and it involves lots of creativity and arts which is something I totally love. Another big plus is that I get to work with the little people... I had always dreamed about being a teacher, and I liked the idea of teaching Chemistry... I've also played for years with the idea of taking a masters in Chemical education. But, I always thought that those classes would have to be with older kids (middle and high school) because I have no proper background on education. Turns out that, because the class I teach is not in the official school program, I do not need to be specialized in earlier grades. I'm not sure that is well explained.

Anyway... I am in love with my job, with my students, with all the creativity I get to put into my classes to make science interesting, fun and easy to understand for them. I am delighted with all the love and hugs I get every day and I love to enter a classroom and hear excited young voices say: "hello Miss Shanti" :)
 I have great co-workers too and my work environment is good.
 The littlest ones pretend play yesterday that it was my Birthday and threw me a birthday party with play dough cakes... it was lots of fun!

MG has had a good year at work too... making lots of improvements at his work and doing good things there.

We have a lovely house that we rent and have been making our home. It is pretty well established now and we've furnished it with things picked to our taste and necessities. Which is different than when we were in the States where our things where picked more for it's use and practicality than to our taste.

Finally... our great happy news are that I am pregnant and we'll be having a precious baby by the end of the year :) We are so excited!!!

See you soon!