February 15, 2021


 Hello dear blogland...

I haven't written in so long I almost don't remember how to do it.
So much has passed in this few years and today I am here because my oldest son (6yo) has an incredible urge to share things on "the internet world".

So here I am, sharing his doing. 

See you soon!


July 12, 2014

Life is wonderful....

Hello dear Blogland...

I haven't been around for almost a year...
My last blog post was about rushing to get to an interview... well, I got the job and for the past year I've been very happy working as a Science Lab Teacher for Kindergarten and Elementary, 1st thru 6th grade. And helping with middle and high school.

It's not very common here to have Science lab so early in school, it usually starts once you get to middle school but the school I'm working at has a strong focus on science and creative-critical thinking... which I love.
I pretty much believe that it is the perfect job for me because I have the science part that links back to my college degree and it involves lots of creativity and arts which is something I totally love. Another big plus is that I get to work with the little people... I had always dreamed about being a teacher, and I liked the idea of teaching Chemistry... I've also played for years with the idea of taking a masters in Chemical education. But, I always thought that those classes would have to be with older kids (middle and high school) because I have no proper background on education. Turns out that, because the class I teach is not in the official school program, I do not need to be specialized in earlier grades. I'm not sure that is well explained.

Anyway... I am in love with my job, with my students, with all the creativity I get to put into my classes to make science interesting, fun and easy to understand for them. I am delighted with all the love and hugs I get every day and I love to enter a classroom and hear excited young voices say: "hello Miss Shanti" :)
 I have great co-workers too and my work environment is good.
 The littlest ones pretend play yesterday that it was my Birthday and threw me a birthday party with play dough cakes... it was lots of fun!

MG has had a good year at work too... making lots of improvements at his work and doing good things there.

We have a lovely house that we rent and have been making our home. It is pretty well established now and we've furnished it with things picked to our taste and necessities. Which is different than when we were in the States where our things where picked more for it's use and practicality than to our taste.

Finally... our great happy news are that I am pregnant and we'll be having a precious baby by the end of the year :) We are so excited!!!

See you soon!

July 29, 2013

A new week... new opportunities!

We count it as the beginning of the week... MG always asks me: what  will this week bring to us? I always try to reply: I'm sure a lot of great things.

Today I have a job interview... tomorrow another one.

I do hope this week will bring great things!

gotta run to get ready!
see you soon,

July 26, 2013

So, I'm back... again.

There's no excuse this time... it has just been more of a "tomorrow I'll blog" and then there's not blogging.
Life is good and that helps a lot with everything.

I can't say that life have been hectic or anything. Of course we've had a lot of adjustments, changes in our days, our routines and habits. There had been great days and some that are not so great.
We are almost settled in, and the house looks like a real house now.
We hadn't brought any furniture from the States, so we had to start all over buying things, borrowing, arranging, cleaning and all those things that have to be done after a moving...

I only have a few more minutes to write before lunch is ready... but I'll try to write as much as I can.
Part of my new routine is having lunch with the family almost every day... I say almost because it really is a daily thing except when them or me have something else on the way.
Maybe you remember that the house we chose to live in was in the same street as some of MG's family?? Well, they have been a real blessing... they are amazing to us and have taken us in totally as family. I didn't know them very well but it has been amazing.

Every day, they come to ring the bell, or call or text on my cell, to let me know they're home and we are ready for lunch. So I just cross the street and enjoy a home made meal and great company and daily conversation. It has been wonderful for me. And I don't get to have lunch alone like before.... not that I matter that a lot, but still, it is nice to have lunch with family.

We eat around 2.30pm which is late for an US lunch but pretty normal for Mexico.
And then we get on with the afternoon, either together or each one to it's own, and then most likely we have dinner together again but this time with MG whom have come from work.

And Friday it is my turn to cook for the family. So today I'm making Beef Bourguignon.... and, as Julie Powell once said (at least in the movie Julie & Julia), not any Beef Bourguignon, but Julia's Beef Bourguignon...

I got a copy (YAY!!!) of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child, just after getting back to Mexico as someone has given away a lot of books to my Uncle and it was seating there in his living room... I asked for it and now I'm in happy possession of a copy.

I'll tell you later how it was. I've cook for 3 straight hours today already!!! Wish me luck!!!

See you soon,

May 31, 2013

Back to life!

I cannot believe it has been almost 2 months since I last wrote a post!!!! Oh my! it has been a really long time. The worst part is that this time has been barely documented... you know how I like to have our life documented!

So, we had The Move... from our lovely city in the Mid-West to Mexico City.
We are so lucky that my twin friends went to pick us up to the old place to help with the suitcases and the trip over here.
We had lots of suitcases... I'm glad I had made those crocheted tags because we had a lot of suitcases that we didn't recognize as they were purchased or given to us by friends whom didn't need them any more. We also shipped 13 boxes by regular mail, and I was afraid they wouldn't arrive but they did, fast and in excellent conditions.
It was hard to leave life there and to come here as we didn't have a clue of what we would do or where would we live. It was awesome to come back after 4 years and get to be around family and friends... We came just in time for Mother's day and I got to be with my Grandma!
We arrived to Mexico City on a Friday night... and we were so incredibly blessed that MG had an interview a couple of days later and by the end of the week he had a job already!!! so we spent the next 2 weeks doing paperwork and figuring out a new move.
The job is close to Mexico City but not quite there. It is in a smaller city about an hour away in the State of Mexico, which surrounds Mexico City.

We had to do a whole house search.... did you read that!!??? H.O.U.S.E!!!! not an apartment any more!!!
So looked with real state agents and went to see about 8-9 houses... not the right size, not the right place, we don't like that one at all!, too far away, to expensive... and so on.
Because our good star kept on watching us, MG has family in this new city. So I guess my wish of being close to family came true.
After looking for a house 2 whole days, we came back to Aunt M's house and she suggested we asked to the neighbor who was renting a house. Well, have you guessed it??

It was the perfect house for us!!!!!!!!!
Nice location, nice size, pretty inside, good price... it even has a back yard!!!!
We said yes and the following week we were moving in.

May I present to you..... The Blue House...
So here is where I've been now spending my days... starting life again. Organizing, getting into the place, the town, the house.
I'll be back with more stories about the house and how my settling and organizing is going.
MG is mostly at work and I'm happy that he is settling just fine.

I have to run,
See you soon,