July 26, 2013

So, I'm back... again.

There's no excuse this time... it has just been more of a "tomorrow I'll blog" and then there's not blogging.
Life is good and that helps a lot with everything.

I can't say that life have been hectic or anything. Of course we've had a lot of adjustments, changes in our days, our routines and habits. There had been great days and some that are not so great.
We are almost settled in, and the house looks like a real house now.
We hadn't brought any furniture from the States, so we had to start all over buying things, borrowing, arranging, cleaning and all those things that have to be done after a moving...

I only have a few more minutes to write before lunch is ready... but I'll try to write as much as I can.
Part of my new routine is having lunch with the family almost every day... I say almost because it really is a daily thing except when them or me have something else on the way.
Maybe you remember that the house we chose to live in was in the same street as some of MG's family?? Well, they have been a real blessing... they are amazing to us and have taken us in totally as family. I didn't know them very well but it has been amazing.

Every day, they come to ring the bell, or call or text on my cell, to let me know they're home and we are ready for lunch. So I just cross the street and enjoy a home made meal and great company and daily conversation. It has been wonderful for me. And I don't get to have lunch alone like before.... not that I matter that a lot, but still, it is nice to have lunch with family.

We eat around 2.30pm which is late for an US lunch but pretty normal for Mexico.
And then we get on with the afternoon, either together or each one to it's own, and then most likely we have dinner together again but this time with MG whom have come from work.

And Friday it is my turn to cook for the family. So today I'm making Beef Bourguignon.... and, as Julie Powell once said (at least in the movie Julie & Julia), not any Beef Bourguignon, but Julia's Beef Bourguignon...

I got a copy (YAY!!!) of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child, just after getting back to Mexico as someone has given away a lot of books to my Uncle and it was seating there in his living room... I asked for it and now I'm in happy possession of a copy.

I'll tell you later how it was. I've cook for 3 straight hours today already!!! Wish me luck!!!

See you soon,

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  1. shifting from one house to another is hectic and time consuming! i cant even think how shifting countries would feel like! i wish you the very best in life.


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