February 27, 2011

Hello!!! I'm still here!

I'm still without my camera... I hope to buy a new memory card today, or at least take some pics with MG's camera so I can share with you...

I find really difficult to write my blog without pics... this blog it's about sharing and showing, and although I talk about my life and all... I feel it's not the same just talking and now showing...

Anyways... I've had a GREAT weekend with MG at home! he has been working but it's amazing to have him here all the time!

See you soon!
I have a lot to show you!


February 14, 2011

Valentine's without my camera...

Still no camera... I've realized that I've been refraining myself of writting posts because I can't add pictures to them... I guess I think that just what I write is not very interesting and that the main purpouse of my blog is to share what I do and make and that has to be ilustrated by pics... am I wrong???

I had a GREAT weekend with MG... he didn't go to work!!! wich was a very pleasent thing! we had a painter guy come into our house to fix some cracks that we had in the celling-wall joints in one of the bedrooms... we took care of a lot of things that needed to be done:: oil change for the truck, filing taxes, groceries, laundry, etc...
And we had some good relaxing things too!! we watched TV, we went twice to the movies, and a little shopping... most of all was great having him with me the whole weekend...

Today he woke me up with a heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentine's Day!!! was really cute!

In a while I'll go to the LYS for a crochet evening... I'm making a shawl with the Crocodile Stitch and I'm loving the way is coming out!!!
And I'll be starting this tunic soon!

Also... I've just noticed that at this moment I have 60 followers!!!! 60 lovely people that thinks that my talking is not so nonsense and that have decided to follow me... I think it is because they like what I share and write and I can't thank you enough!!!!
It makes my day each time I see I have a new friend, each and every time I read a comment and follow it to your blogs.... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
I think we'll have to celebrate with a givaway!!!! stay tunned for more!
See you soon!

February 10, 2011

Cheese treat!


I'm off to enjoy some delicious Cheese scones thanks to Inthesky that published a great recipe here...
I'm sure MG will love them!!!!

I can't show them to you... my camera memory card is still inside the laptop... I went to a pc doctor today and they wanted to keep my laptop, take it apart and charge my with no less than 160 bucks!!! I'm not up to it for now... and since they told me it won't mess up with the system, I'll leave it there while I save up for that!

I have to by a new memory card though...

See you soon!

February 09, 2011

No pictures for a while!!!!!

I am so sad!!!!
Today I took pictures of my scales bag that I finally got back from the yarn store yesterday... I was so excited to show you!!!
And I was trying to insert the memory card of my camera in the laptop, and I was doing it without seeing or paying atention, and I put it in the wrong place ::: where the CD's go!!!! so when I realized I had did that I panicked a little and tried to pull it out with tweezers and pliers with no success but to get it further into the space...
I'm hoping for a good weather tomorrow so I can take it to the PC doctor... Oh my poor laptop!

And that also means that I'll be a couple of days (and hopefully no more than that...) with out my camera and pictures!!!!

Oh my!!

In other themes... I've had headaches during the last week... I have always suffered of migraines and I'm "used" to, but that doesn't makes them any easier or fun... the new thing this time was a lot of dizzyness, and I was tired and without energy... today I couldn't go to my zumba class because everything was spinning around me!!!!

So I looked for the sympthoms over the internet and my conclusion is that I'm dehydrated... I'm not taking for granted that I have nothing else and if it continues I'll go to see a doctor... but I thought about it and I'm doing a lot more excersice of what I'm use to and I know that I've never been a good water drinker... I have to focus every day to drink as much water as I can, because even when I try to drink and drink and I feel like I've been drinking ALL day, the truth is that when I do good I get 6 cups of water and I almost NEVER get to the recommended 8... so if I'm doing a lot of excersice with the zumba and I'm sweating A LOT in each class and not geting my water back... it makes sense to think that I'm dehydrated isn't it???

So I spent the afternoon drinking water... I still have 2 cups to go to get to the recommended 8... wish me luck!

See you soon! I hope!


February 07, 2011

Pumpkin scarf and vest, Cowls... knitreat!

Hello guys!!
How are you??? hope you are keeping warm and happy. How was your weekend????
Mine was GREAT!!!!

Friday and Saturday were spent at the LYS in happy knit (hook) and chat time... I met some lovely ladies full of inspiration with nice projects... and I made some jewelry sales! I think I've told you about all that already...

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent the morning in a Lazy mood at home with my dear MG... we had a great breakfast and watched a movie... and then by 1pm, he droped me at the LYS (again! 3rd day in a row!) for the Winter Knitreat!!!!!
That is a meeting with 15-18 women that knit/crochet and there's games and refreshments and all kind of intresting patterns going on... They also had 2 ladies giving a short and marvellous masage for knitters, in the shoulders, back and specially in the hands!!! was heavenly!

I finished my crocodile stitch bag while being there!!!!!!!!!! it's awsome! I loved it completely!!!! and I'm so sorry to say that I can't show it to you right now because I forgot it at the store... the thing is that when I finished it, the owner tried it on and showed it to the other ladies and told them that it'll be a class of it (taught by me!!!!)... and she hung it to take pictures and I forgot it...

I bought the most delicious Malabrigo Yarn....
It's a bulky yarn in bright oranges, purples, yellow, pinks... mmmm amazing!
I used a big hook (15mm) and Tunisian Stitches and made a super quick, fun, warm and lovely cowl:::
It's a circle... Well, I think I should say a ring? a loop? a donut?
And to use it you fold it and add a pin or something like that... I used an aluminum stick I had that I used to hold my hair up when it was long...
Sorry for my close up picture! there was no one close to take my pic...
I LOVE it !!!! I'm in love...........

So! I'm wearing my pumpkin vest... it is knitted, it took about 2-3 months to complete it, working on and off... I followed the pattern by measures and it ended up being too big for me!!!
but its cozy and I use it to be around the house, it keeps me really warm...
With the left overs of the yarn I made this scarf (linked to Ravelry)
I sent it to a friend as a gift and I folded it like this:: 
I think is fun!!!  

I finished the slippers for my friend and I advanced some on the lattice cowl... I think I'll show that later or tomorrow because this post is too long already!

Thank you for reading!!!
See you soon!

February 05, 2011

W.O.W ! ! !

I'm Happy and excited!!!

Yesterday was my first "official day of work"...
The owner at the LYS had been asking me for months to show her my jewelry and I hadn't because I couldn't sell it with out the work authorization that just arrived...

So finally I could do it yesterday! and I took all the jewelry I had made over this years in US. I haven't been working constantly and I haven't worked on that in over a year, but I had a good stock to show...

SOOOOO I showed it to her and other ladies and I sold 5 pairs of earrings!!!! I'm excited!
It feels good and right to be able to sell again and make money for something I did.

I'm happy, happy, happy!!! Here are the sold pairs:::

Sterling Silver and chalcedony...
Sterling Silver and red coral...
Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver and ??? I'm not sure about the bead, I think is chalcedony too... but I'll change it for a coral as the customer wanted something more vibrant...
Sterling Silver and onix...
That's all for today!!!! I'm going to the LYS again to have a hooky day!

Enjoy your weekend!!!
See you soon!

February 04, 2011

Google reader

I've read about it in several blogs and I've never tried it before. I think I had looked at it, or look for it, and haven't found it...
Well, today I have.
It was amazing!!!

I've been having troubles to read the blogs I follow and keep updated on them... I was using the feature that shows on your personal blog, on the lateral bar, the blogs you follow and their recent postings... but then I went to one of them and discovered that I had missed several days!!! and there were others that didn't appear there for days and I was looking them through other blogs or googled them to catch up... I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself...
The point is that I felt like I was losing the updates of my favorite blogs, and somehow today I got to google reader and WOW!!!!

I got all the blogs, all the posts that I had missed, all the updates and when they happened... and I could see them organized by the date and time they were posted, or by blog, or alphabeticar order and more... and I could see them on a list or displayed with all the content......

I think I'm the last person on knowing about this... and I still have to learn a couple of things to use it... and I'm wondering::: I think it only shows blogs from blogger... am I right??? so typepad and wordpress won't show there I guess... good thing is that I only follow like 5 of those and I have them in my favorites or I get the updates in my email...

I hope I'll be able to keep updated now...

I'm off to the yarn store!!!
See you soon!

February 03, 2011

Seasonal Jewelry...

I've been thinking and thinking about writing this post almost since we had the first snow!!!
I hadn't had opportunity to photograph my jewelry until now... today we had a bright sunny day and I took advantage and took pictures of all the pieces that I had without picture.

I have some good news!!!! last Monday I received my Work Authorization Card!!! I'm so excited because now I'll be able to give classes (crochet classes at the LYS), or take a job somewhere, and sell my jewelry... and that feels really good.... I haven't done it in soooo long!!!!

So today I spent all afternoon taking pictures and polishing my jewelry to shiny-shine! and adding clasps and hooks wherever needed... and I'll be ready to sell really soon!!!
And with all the picture taking I took some of the pieces that I have kept for myself and took some pictures too... and thus the seasonal jewelry theme....

May I present you::: My Autumn Necklaces:::
This one is made with copper wire coated in colors... it's all made by hand... all the coils and the unions and the chain at the end... and I like it but farther than that, I decided to keep it because it was more of a trial for the design and being copper is really simple to stretch it and it can loose its form really easy and I didn't want to sell something that could go bad easily. As I know that that can happen and I know how to fix it if it does, I can wear it without problems!
Here a close-up of the work... I love the colors, it remainds me of autumn...
The next necklace its also for the fall... I made this one specially for me because I wanted an autumn something... I feel that the shape I gave the wire seems to leaves falling, and then the colors of the cristals are very fall-ish. The wire I used is sterling silver, I think it is 22gauge (not the same gauge used in knitting and crochet though!) The crystals are swarovsky...
And once again, everything is handmade.

Next and last for today, we have the Winter Set... I made and designed this one also for me... not just something I kept. Back in 2007, when I was doing my degree thesis, I was working with a Chemistry Professor. I was assistant in one of his classes about crystalography and solid structure and I was making my thesis work about synthetic rubys... I was mad about crystals and minerals back there... and this professor went on a vacation and I asked him to bring me a present... and he brought me this incredible and amazing rutilated quartz (the big crystal on the necklace).
It remainded me of ice, so I made an icy, sparkling and wintery piece...
Quartz beads with sterling silver wire and handmade"snowflakes"...
I LOOOOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was my seasonal jewelry so far... I hope you liked it... I hadn't talked about jewelry here in a long time... I hope you didn't get bored with all the explanations of what I used and why!!!

I have to go for now!
See you soon!

February 02, 2011

Just something to say...

Today I crocheted almost all day! was wonderful...
I was working on my Crochet Club project which uses fingering yarn and 3mm hook... my hands and wrists are sore even when I was doing my hand therapy and ice diping while crocheting...

It has been snowing the whole day...
I hope to take some pictures tomorrow to show them to you...

I've been in a relaxing computer time catching up in blogland... how can one keep up with so many delightful blogs!!!! I want to see them all and comment in all of them because leaving some love is always good... but it takes a huge amount of time and even when I have it sometimes it feels like there's too much to see and read and learn and not enough time... do you feel the same?

My head is pounding...

Good night!
See you soon!

February 01, 2011

Inside day...

How are you all! I hope you are fine, safe and warm...

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts for my mom, she's already at home and getting used to this broken and casted foot. She has to be 2 weeks in the house without a lot of movement before she can go out and do other things... She'll be 6 weeks in a wheelchair, she can't use crutches because a year ago she had a shoulder surgery and she doesn't have the strenght yet to support herself.

Today we are in the middle of an ice storm... it's the first time in my life we've seen something like it, it has been raining since yesterday in a very VERY fine and thin rain that you can't practically see, but that after a while would have all wet... the temperature is so close to the freezing point that as soon as the little drop of water touches a surface it freezes making a layer of ice around everything... The trees look gourgeous and a bit sparkly, they'd probably bling more if we had sun... it has been grey and dark all day.

I tried to go to my Zumba class and I practically ice-skated there!!!! I was wearing rubber boots and it was VERY super slippery!!!!
A lot of things, schools, stores, restaurants where closed, and a lot more closing early...

MG came at 3pm!!!! that is soooo cool to me as he never gets here before 8 and usually before 9!!!
so now we are here, cozy and comfy... he's working but we are together....

Not enough light to crochet... (the next picture is the floor covered with ice)
Staw warm!!!

See you soon!