February 09, 2011

No pictures for a while!!!!!

I am so sad!!!!
Today I took pictures of my scales bag that I finally got back from the yarn store yesterday... I was so excited to show you!!!
And I was trying to insert the memory card of my camera in the laptop, and I was doing it without seeing or paying atention, and I put it in the wrong place ::: where the CD's go!!!! so when I realized I had did that I panicked a little and tried to pull it out with tweezers and pliers with no success but to get it further into the space...
I'm hoping for a good weather tomorrow so I can take it to the PC doctor... Oh my poor laptop!

And that also means that I'll be a couple of days (and hopefully no more than that...) with out my camera and pictures!!!!

Oh my!!

In other themes... I've had headaches during the last week... I have always suffered of migraines and I'm "used" to, but that doesn't makes them any easier or fun... the new thing this time was a lot of dizzyness, and I was tired and without energy... today I couldn't go to my zumba class because everything was spinning around me!!!!

So I looked for the sympthoms over the internet and my conclusion is that I'm dehydrated... I'm not taking for granted that I have nothing else and if it continues I'll go to see a doctor... but I thought about it and I'm doing a lot more excersice of what I'm use to and I know that I've never been a good water drinker... I have to focus every day to drink as much water as I can, because even when I try to drink and drink and I feel like I've been drinking ALL day, the truth is that when I do good I get 6 cups of water and I almost NEVER get to the recommended 8... so if I'm doing a lot of excersice with the zumba and I'm sweating A LOT in each class and not geting my water back... it makes sense to think that I'm dehydrated isn't it???

So I spent the afternoon drinking water... I still have 2 cups to go to get to the recommended 8... wish me luck!

See you soon! I hope!



  1. That is a bummer- I did something similar when a cd I put in didn't click down and got stuck above the slot. Luckily we were able to get it out. Hopeing for a speedy recovery for your laptop!

  2. Shanti, sorry you're ill.. and hope they can fix the issue of the card. Goodness!

    Hugs, Teresa


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