February 07, 2011

Pumpkin scarf and vest, Cowls... knitreat!

Hello guys!!
How are you??? hope you are keeping warm and happy. How was your weekend????
Mine was GREAT!!!!

Friday and Saturday were spent at the LYS in happy knit (hook) and chat time... I met some lovely ladies full of inspiration with nice projects... and I made some jewelry sales! I think I've told you about all that already...

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent the morning in a Lazy mood at home with my dear MG... we had a great breakfast and watched a movie... and then by 1pm, he droped me at the LYS (again! 3rd day in a row!) for the Winter Knitreat!!!!!
That is a meeting with 15-18 women that knit/crochet and there's games and refreshments and all kind of intresting patterns going on... They also had 2 ladies giving a short and marvellous masage for knitters, in the shoulders, back and specially in the hands!!! was heavenly!

I finished my crocodile stitch bag while being there!!!!!!!!!! it's awsome! I loved it completely!!!! and I'm so sorry to say that I can't show it to you right now because I forgot it at the store... the thing is that when I finished it, the owner tried it on and showed it to the other ladies and told them that it'll be a class of it (taught by me!!!!)... and she hung it to take pictures and I forgot it...

I bought the most delicious Malabrigo Yarn....
It's a bulky yarn in bright oranges, purples, yellow, pinks... mmmm amazing!
I used a big hook (15mm) and Tunisian Stitches and made a super quick, fun, warm and lovely cowl:::
It's a circle... Well, I think I should say a ring? a loop? a donut?
And to use it you fold it and add a pin or something like that... I used an aluminum stick I had that I used to hold my hair up when it was long...
Sorry for my close up picture! there was no one close to take my pic...
I LOVE it !!!! I'm in love...........

So! I'm wearing my pumpkin vest... it is knitted, it took about 2-3 months to complete it, working on and off... I followed the pattern by measures and it ended up being too big for me!!!
but its cozy and I use it to be around the house, it keeps me really warm...
With the left overs of the yarn I made this scarf (linked to Ravelry)
I sent it to a friend as a gift and I folded it like this:: 
I think is fun!!!  

I finished the slippers for my friend and I advanced some on the lattice cowl... I think I'll show that later or tomorrow because this post is too long already!

Thank you for reading!!!
See you soon!


  1. Love the yarn, the cowl and the scarf, you seem to have so much fun! :) Hope you get reunited with your croc bag soon, we would like to see it...

  2. I love the way your spiral scarf folded up for shipping. I think it's fun too! Your cowl is beautiful as well. The colors are lovely. And so happy you found google reader. Bet it has made your blogging world much simpler. :)

  3. Can't wait to see your crocodile bag and the yarn is beautiful. Love the neck warmer ... and your vest and your scarf. Your work is beautiful!

  4. Hola Shanti.
    Precioso el cuello con esa bulky de malabrigo, me encantan los colores y si, es una lana maravillosa, de mis preferidas.
    Yo en la tienda de Susi me he comprado una sock para hacer el chal traveling woman y una lace para hacer la estola Feather and Fan Short Scarf. Los dos patrones están gratis en ravelry, si no eres de ravelry te puedes inscribir gratis y verás que hay un montón de patrones.

  5. Hi! I love your neck warmer. I haven't tried Tunisian crochet yet. Is it easy to do?


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