February 01, 2011

Inside day...

How are you all! I hope you are fine, safe and warm...

Thank you so much for all your good thoughts for my mom, she's already at home and getting used to this broken and casted foot. She has to be 2 weeks in the house without a lot of movement before she can go out and do other things... She'll be 6 weeks in a wheelchair, she can't use crutches because a year ago she had a shoulder surgery and she doesn't have the strenght yet to support herself.

Today we are in the middle of an ice storm... it's the first time in my life we've seen something like it, it has been raining since yesterday in a very VERY fine and thin rain that you can't practically see, but that after a while would have all wet... the temperature is so close to the freezing point that as soon as the little drop of water touches a surface it freezes making a layer of ice around everything... The trees look gourgeous and a bit sparkly, they'd probably bling more if we had sun... it has been grey and dark all day.

I tried to go to my Zumba class and I practically ice-skated there!!!! I was wearing rubber boots and it was VERY super slippery!!!!
A lot of things, schools, stores, restaurants where closed, and a lot more closing early...

MG came at 3pm!!!! that is soooo cool to me as he never gets here before 8 and usually before 9!!!
so now we are here, cozy and comfy... he's working but we are together....

Not enough light to crochet... (the next picture is the floor covered with ice)
Staw warm!!!

See you soon!


  1. I'm glad your mum is ok. It's a shame it's so cold but the ice makes beautiful pictures Xx

  2. Shanti, we call what you are having a "silver thaw".. a pretty name for an ice storm. :-) Keep warm and crochet a lot!

    Hugs, Teresa from Oregon

  3. Beautiful photos! Down here in central Arkansas it rained ALL night Monday night and all tuesday morning... then the temps dropped and froze things... thank goodness for the wind that dried up almost all the ice. Stay warm!


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