May 11, 2011

T is for.... TOTALLY in love!!!!!


I mean, I know is good to be in love, I think that if you are in a marriage the best thing is to be in love with your spouse!!! but I also think that there are levels and sometimes you can be more in love than other times.

And lately I am in those times where you're just super, totally, deeply and absolutely madly in love!!!!!!!!!


He completes my life and my days in a very undescriptible way... he fills my moments, even when we are not together, he touches the deepest inside of me when he looks at me and smiles and I just melt.
Usually, he wakes up before me, and when I get out of bed (still half sleep) and go to meet him... he leaves whatever he is doing to come and hug me, cuddle me and fill me with love.

It's so easy to be in love with him just because the way he is, but it also helps, and a lot, that he feels exactly the same huge love for me!!!!

Ever since we met, I have loved every time he looks at me with eyes full of adoration for me...

I could go on and on telling you about all the wonderful being he is... but I guess it could become a little cheesy and corny!!! so instead, I'll tell you that we had the most amazing weekend together...

We went to a Pub on Saturday afternoon, where he had a stew with beer and I had a vanilla milkshake with coffee cream and crocheted for a while!!! then we went to a close by lake and rented a boat and rowed for an hour... it was quiet, without a lot of people around, and romantic...

Sunday was spent in a lovely way too... Morning in a vineyard and winery with a nice picnic enjoying the warm weather... and the afternoon in a lovely and folckloric (spelling?) town... walking, taking pics at all the little stores, eating ice cream... etc!

No (nice) scrap pages for that yet, sorry!!! I haven't made my pages for that day and I have a lot of pics!!! so some singles here...
Wine barrels
At the winery yards...
Our Picnic lunch... Salami, baguette, brie cheese and spreadable sun dried tomatos

The stores...

Ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys, very in-love... I'll say good bye and leave you...
I'm going to the mall! hehe...

See you soon!


  1. I guess you're in love! LOL I'm happy for you. I totally love my husband too, after meeting him when I was 14 and now I'm 62! Looks like you had a ton of fun on your outing. Hugs, Teresa

  2. Kisses to you lovebirds! This post made me so happy, thank you again for sharing, Shanti.

    Happy weekend soon!


  3. What a lovely post, Shanti! That's more than Great to fall in love with someone and to be loved back! Congrats on your love, it's such a special gift from God, don't you think? :)
    Keep enjoying and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! x

  4. Oh that is so wonderful and so rare! What a precious gift you have in MG! And he in you.


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