July 10, 2012

More crochet for the little ones...

Another crocheted piece I just finished last Saturday.
It is a little dress that I've wanted to make for a really long time. I think I was holding back because I don't havea girl to make it for... but in this urge of something small and fast, I had to give in and finally make it... and I'm so glad I did.
Also, while being at the yarn shop, I have a lot of time to look at the yarns and dive in the softness and lucious colors... and there was this lovely soft yellow sock yarn. A Heritage by Cascade skein that I knew it would be perfect for the dress.
The pattern is called Coco's Bubble Dress and it's a free pattern at The Purl Bee.
It's a one size only, being a dress for a 2 year old and a tunic for a 4 year old.
Part of what had stoped me of making it was the thin yarn, sock yarn still looks and feels too thin for my like... but oh, well!!! it made a gorgeous dress and I'm really happy I made it.
I love, love the bubbles, the texture it makes... I can't wait to see a little girl wearing it!

See you soon!


  1. Maybe you're pregnant or ready for a baby? Hugs, Teresa

    1. I'm totally ready for a baby Teresa!! but it won't be happening for a little while yet. I've always enjoyed making baby clothes, since I was a kid... and I've made little things for a lot of friends babies!
      The first girl I crocheted baby booties for, is now 19!!! Which means that I was 9 when I made them!

  2. Lovely. Would love to see this on a little miss.

  3. I LOVE it!! Did it use a lot of yarn, with the bobble stitches? I have always wanted to find a jumper-looking tunic/dress for my daughter, and have never found one that I liked. ;)

    1. I used the Heritage yarn, by Cascade, and it used less than 2 balls... probably 1 and a half.

      I also like A LOT one by Alicia Paulson.


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