July 21, 2012

New Project.... Freeform crochet sea

I don't know if I've talk about this before, but there is an ongoing project in my town to raise money for the Middle Way House...
Since our last yarnbombing infront of the shop, there was a great response from the people and Middle Way House came up with this idea and asked Yarns Unlimited to partnered with them to lead  the project of yarnbomb all the trees in the downtown square.
The idea is to get businesses to sponsor a tree, and volunteer knitters and crocheters that would make sweaters for the trees.
The theme is free and each volunteer is welcome to do as many squares as they can, in any stitch, technique, yarn and color as they want. Then, they'll be all put together in bigger pieces for easy assambling on the trees. The sponsors will have their name in the tree.
We are thinking about puting them up on the Gallery Walk on October. Gallery Walk is a Friday night in which the galleries stayed open later and offer specials and snacks for people to visit and enjoy the exhibits. The Knitting to Heal project, will be like a life performance during that day when we'll be dressing up the trees. I think the sweaters will be up until March or April 2013.

I loved being part of the last yarnbombing and see my stitches in a tree for a while... But this time I thought I would do somehitng bigger, so I'm attempting to do the sweater for a whole tree by myself.
My tree will be sponsored by the yarn shop, and I decided to go with a maritime, sea, organic, life project theme...
Here's what I had after the first day:::
And after:::
I'm loving the greatness of freeform crochet... it's really fun and the freedom of doing whatever is great! although some time you have to think about what the next step will be.

I'll keep you posted with the progress...

See you soon!


  1. That looks so fun.. I look forward to seeing the end result! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I just made a piece of almost all free form shapes that resembles barnacles and reef looking creatures. Really relaxing to not have to count stitches and just let things flow.


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