July 20, 2012

More wire jewelry...

I looove this earring so much that I had to keep them for myself... I made all the curly-cues with my pliers in sterling silver wire and got the bead a long while ago in a little bead shop. They are hand blown beads in blue and green with a thin black line... they remind me of peacocks::
This are little studs tha lie flat on the earlobe...
I like to do simple lines in wire... I love how they can look intrincate and playful or elegant.
This are some of my favorite earrings... so simple, but I like a lot how they look. The beads are resin and I bought them several years ago in Barcelona...
Kind of corkscrew earrings... look great when you are wearing them and I love it when some times people just stare at them trying to figure out how to wear them and put them in and out.
Simple lines...
And more resin beads...
See you soon!


  1. I love your jewelry. It makes me happy every time I see one of your designs.

  2. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous designs. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. These earrings have very simple designs, meantime looking pretty nice. I always follow the rule: the simple it is, the nice it is.

  4. Nice earrings-I must dig out my silver wire.


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