January 31, 2012

Yarn bombing...

This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in yarn bombing a tree...
Our very own contribution to the public art of our lovely town... with the help of my sweet MG and my fun friends from the yarn shop... all my friends at the shop pitched in and made some squares and stripes to make a tree cozy.
As an image says more than a thousand words.... here, some images for you...


  1. I love your public art! I hope the city allows it to be kept on the tree. That was fun to see. So, where are you moving to? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Who would have throught that it would be so beautiful!!! It is very, very pretty!

  3. Lovely to see such beautiful art out in nature. I hope it holds up well and people enjoy your creation. You did a fabulous job!!!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful, I wish the whole world looked like that :) x

  5. That seems like so much fun. I would love to do that just once, but I am afraid that I make get a ticket for vandelism or something.

  6. Sooo cool! I am glad I got to see actions shots. Glad to have met you.

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  7. Me encanta este árbol forrado. ¿Tenéis que pedir permiso para hacerlo? Lana y naturaleza, una combinación perfecta :)

    1. El lugar donde vivo es muy artístico e impulsa el arte decorativo en las calles, especialmente en el centro, es un sueño!
      La dueña de la tienda llamó a la persona encargada de el distrito de arte en el centro y estuvo de acuerdo... y todos los que lo ven les encanta y disfrutan... mucha gente, en especial muchos hombres, entran a la tienda a decir cumplidos...

  8. Saw this today and thought of this post!!!:

  9. I am a yarnbomber from Salisbury, UK and I congratulate you on doing a great job! Lovely colours! xxx

    P.S. You can see ours at http://www.salisburyknittingninjas.tumblr.com


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