February 06, 2012

A cultural catch up...

Good morning!!!! I hope you are all ok and had a great weekend full of nice things...

This past week we were very cultural.... starting 2 Fridays ago, we went to the auditorium at campus to see STOMP... which it's described in their website as "unique musical theatre of choreographed percussion, movement and physical comedy", and it's a wonderful performance show of music formed with percussion with ordinary objects like brooms, sand, match boxes, trash cans, pans, etc... 
photo from "de todo como en botica" blog
Amazing, entertaining and full of rythm.  It was part of my Christmas present to MG and we had a great time and enjoyed lots.

Later in the week, on Wednesday night we went to a comedy show when one of MG's coworkers was performing... several comediants and all was good and fun.

During the whole week, our cozied tree had great response from the people!!! it's fun to be at the shop and see all day long people stoping by to take pictures of the tree or of themselfs with the tree... we've also had several people come into the shop just to say how wonderful the tree is and what a great idea it was. It has been succesful and we all hope it'll be up for a long time.

Saturday came and MG and I went to H&R Block to file our taxes... everything was good and smooth, and later when he droped me at the shop, one of my friends offered us a couple of tickets for a dance show that night...
Photo from "L.A. Opening Nights"

Evidence, A Dance Company  is a fusion of African, contemporary, and classical dance that tells you a story and won't let you take your eyes from the stage...

And finally Sunday, we had tickets for a play with the local theatre company, Bill W. and Dr. Bob, which tells the story of the creators of Alcoholics Anonims... it was a wonderful play with awsome acting, and a good story. I thought it would be a lot stronger and difficult to watch but it was nicely written and interpreted so I didn't have a problem with it.

So that's all for today cultural review...

Off to life!!
See you soon!

Oh, and for those of you who asked (thank you!)..... we still don't know were we'll be moving... MG had a job interview last week and has a couple of other things lined up so we are waiting for the best but still don't know where life will take us!


  1. I'm so envious of your week!! It sounds like it was a lot of fun! Good luck on the job and moving. :)

  2. It must be kind of exciting and scary to not know where you will be moving to next. Why did you decide to move? I'm so curious! Love your yarn tree. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Shanti that sounds like a great week. I love reading about your life and the Yarn shop. It seems a shame to move now you are so settled and happy. I guess I am a home bird though so a move is daunting to me. Good luck with everything. X


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