March 23, 2011

And I went away!!!!

Hello guys!!!
Nice to see you here today!!!

I'm reporting today from the big, one and only, beautiful, Mexico City... I came yesterday in an awfully long trip and arrive safely at my mum arms!!! It feels so good to be with her!

I'm missing dear MG terribly but I'm really happy to be here and totally eager to enjoy each second of it! 3 weeks!!!!

On the creative side I have to report that:
--I finished my pink scarf... it took a week to decipher the pattern and make it work... I'm still making some adjustments to it and haven't got pictures of it yet... (I took some but I forgot to take them out MG's camera before coming here)
It's very comfortable and looks great! it required a bit of blocking but it worth it...
I decided to call it Seashells scarf...

I'm working on a teal (color) one now.

-- the Ferragamo dress is coming out great! we figure out a way to work the top and after a few times of trial and error we got a pretty nice shape for the sleeves.... She'll be working on it in all the mesh pattern while I'm here and we'll work with the shells/scallops at the skirt part when I'm back.

I'm pretty happy and everything seems perfect in my life right now!

I really hope you're really happy too!
See you soon!


  1. So good to see you! Enjoy your trip. :)

  2. i was just thinking today i hope you post something, have fun on your trip

  3. Have a wonderful time in Mexico!

  4. Shanti, I'm so happy for you to spend time with your family! My daughter and granddaughters are coming out today for a visit and we're going on a driving tour of the gorge then out to dinner at a local eatery called Tad's Chick'n 'n Dumplins!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  5. Aaahhh! Shanti I am glad you had a safe journey. This post made me feel very happy :) Say Hi to your Mom from me and I hope you have a fantastic three weeks. x

  6. Enjoy your time, Shanti! It's lovely to visit the loved ones.

    Happy three-weeks!



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