March 29, 2011

Weekend at the beach... and a wedding.

The main reason for my trip this time, was that my Sister-in-law was getting married... MG's sister, that's it. He couldn't come for several work issues and we all were sad because of that.

I flew on Friday to Acapulco, a beach in the south-west of Mexico, where I met all MG's family... his parents and aunts, uncles and cousins.
We hung out at the hotel where the extended family was staying and went to mid-afternoon lunch to a very famous place of fresh fish and seafood. All of them are really nice to me and I like that I feel part of the family... not a stranger.
My Sister-in-law was not there because she was with the future husband in a photo sesion at the beach, where they wanted to go into the sea and lay on the sand, so she used her Mom's wedding dress for the sesion!!!! (my Mom's dress would have never fit me!!)

At night, we (my Parents in Law and me) went to join them at the house where the wedding was held on Saturday... So I spent the night there with them and shared a room with my Sister in law. I felt as we were having a sleep over and sharing secrets and stories.
On Saturday, there was a crew there in the morning to set up all that was needed for the event... I enjoyed a lot being there to see how excited she was and I took TONS of pictures to have every little piece documented to show MG so he could feel a bit the excitement of being there.
A stylist did her hair and make up, and he even did my hair.

I helped her to get dressed and put her veil on...  she was glowing and looked gorgeous... we did more pictures and then the guests started to arrived.
They had a ceremony and a blessing at the beach, near the sea, during the sunset. It was beautiful and in perfect timing... Then the civil wedding and off to dinner (8 pm) and the dance (9 pm)... the dancing was full and alive until 2.30am.
I was designated by her as the link in between the wedding coordinator, the cheif waiter, the musicians and DJ, and her... so they all would go with me when they had problems or doubts and I solved what I could or went to ask the bride about it...Also, in the middle of the night I went up with her to help her change her dress into her mom's dress again, because her dress was really heavy and she wanted to be more comfortable to dance.
She didn't have any brides maids, but I think that I covered the duties of the maid of honor or so.
Overall it was a really nice and beautiful experience for me... I enjoyed it a lot...

The only down was that I had a big knot in my throat and had to fight back the tears that threaten to come out, every time I thought about MG alone at our house, missing all this special moments and not seeing (looking at?) his sister in her wedding day.

The pictures are of the house where the wedding was held and the set up for the party... I'll come back with some wedding pictures other day.

See you soon!


  1. Lovely post, I think you were indispensable to the bride. You were a wedding planner at their best. Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful time and the surroundings were beautiful. I feel your pain about your MG, hopefully you can relive the day with all your pictures together! Have a great day. xoRobin❤

  2. Hi Shanti! So glad to have you back and to hear you had such a wonderful time :) I'm sure it was hard to be in such a beautiful and romantic setting without your MG..Although I bet he was extremly grateful to you for taking such wonderful care of his sister. Take care xxxnicole

  3. Sorry, almost forgot...the earings you sent to Theresa were beautiful girl! Love them! xx

  4. Hi Shanti, I've missed you but what a great trip and occasion for you! Too bad MG couldn't go. Thank you so much for the wonderful earrings, I posted them on my blog! I just did a giveaway too and my winner was Andamento in Scotland! :-)

    I look forward to seeing the wedding photos, the set up looked very impressive! Glad you got along so well with your inlaws.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)


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