March 17, 2011

A perfect day...

Hello my friends!!! how're you???? Hope you are really really good!

Today and yesterday I've had pretty perfect days... I think is the spring that is coming that has me so happy... the weather have been gorgeous, simply perfect... today we were at 75F (around 22°C) with soft breeze... was heaven... the skies were blue and everything was fresh and light... and Oh! it feels sooo good to go out and walk!!!

I've spend all my afternoons this week at the LYS... it has been pretty quiet there because there's not a lot of people going in because of the spring break... but that I like (maybe them not so much because they're not having a lot of sales) because we can just sit and talk and knit/crochet and it's marvellous.
One of the ladies asked me to help her to create a version of this Salvatore Ferragamo dress...  (sorry for the nudity in the picture!! I really think the dress should be lined or at least she should be wearing something under!!!!)
It won't be exactly the same, as this one has an uncovered back and she'll make the back the same as the front... so we have been working on that this week... trying to decipher the dress from printings and magaziners pictures...

I've been working with my new Tonic yarn... It's a great yarn that the LYS just started carrying... it comes in 60 colors...

though the yarn store just carry 15.... the colors are super bright and rich... perfect!! the fiber is acrylic 85% and wool 15% and it's machine washable... the people at the store tells me that it's a worsted yarn, but the website has it as DK and I see it and feel it thiner than worsted, so I'll go for DK...

I just bought one ball of a dark rich pink to try and make a super pretty scarf I discovered on Flickr (I'm not sure I can post the picture here because it has a copyright sign... but I think I can post a link to it and you can go and take a peek).

So here are my first tries...

I think it doesn't look bad... and I'm enjoying the making of it. The color looks close on the picture but in real life is more shiny, just a bit.

I'm leaving for now... it's getting late and I have things to do... hope to be back tomorrow!

See you soon!


  1. Beautiful color you chose for the scarf! Good luck with the dress and scarf! ♥

  2. Hi Shanti. I alway get a little envious of my blogger friends talking about their lys. I do not live in a small town by any means but for some strange reason there is no lys. I am stuck with Hobby Lobby and Michael's unless I want to make a 45 min drive. Looks like you are off to a good start with your scarf. Happy crocheting! :)

  3. Thanks for sending me the link. I will definitely take a look.


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