December 30, 2010

Christmas Presents!!!

So here I am after a whole week with MG just for me!!! yei!!!!
it has been a great week, with games, movies, cooking, working on the computer, laughs and love!

Here I want to show you my Christmas presents!!!!

All those great things that MG bought for me!!!!
This is a muffins/cupcakes pan... and has a great lid, you can slide the handle and take out some plastic discs....
 And put them together to have a cupcake exhibitor!!!!
Pictures are not great as I took them at night, but you can get the idea....
I LOOOOVE it!!! it's so great!!! so now I can make muffins, cupcakes, little breads or whatever, and take them out on the tray, and then get to a place and put together the red "tree" and display the treats!!!!!!!


Then we have a cookie mold, a pizza sheet, a cake mold, spatula, cookies recipe book, and box of sprinkle tubes!!!

 Here a detail picture of the cookies mold!!
The spatula has measures conversions printed on it, and I also received a wire cooling rack!!!!

And booooks!!!!!!!!!!!

Such great gift!!!!!

I'll show you tomorrow my present for him!

See you soon!

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