December 31, 2010

Tunisian Crochet Blanket!!!!

Here I am again!! with what I think will be my last post of the year to show you my (MG) tunisian crochet blanket...
This was my secret project during mid November and almost whole December... I couldn't post a lot of it here, because I didn't know if MG would read about it, you see even when he's not a regularly reader of my blog, he peeks in from time to time to see what's going on here at wires & yarns... so I couldn't risk to spoil the surprise for him! This is the blanket I made as a Christmas present for this year for MG.

So here's the blanket... I wanted to make 9 blocks but I couldn't manage to make them all, partly because I was doing more things and I run out of time and partly because I haven't been doing my hand therapy as I should have so I'm having pain in my hands again while and after yarning (knitting or crochetting)...

 So I just managed to make 6 blocks... add a border to each one of them and join them together... I'm planning on make the remaining 3 blocks soon, but I'm glad that I won't need to hide it any more and that I won't have any pressure while doing them.
The first 3 blocks took about 8-10 hours each, the remaining 3 I manage to make each of them in about 5-6 hours, so I think that it's something that improves and comes out easier and faster while you practice...
The tecnique itself it's pretty simple, and it's all made in basic stitch which is also very easy to make... I think the complex thing here is the change of color because, although is not really difficult to make, it requires to have a ball for each color change, which makes it a not to-go project and you have to sit down with it, focus a little bit and pay atention to the chart so you make the changes in the correct place... and having all those threads and balls hanging from the back of your work is something that takes some time to get used to it...
I used an 8mm hook, long tunisian hook with a hook in each point but I only used one...
And I used I Love This Yarn yarn from Hobby Lobby... and I really liked it!!!
Here a close up in one of the blocks...
So that is my blanket... right now it measures 33x44 inches... I plan to make and add 3 blocks and then a proper border as it corresponds....

The best thing, I am SUPER happy with it and MG is totally loving it!!! so I am in heaven with that!!!

Have a great New Year!!!!
I'm off to fix something to eat now!

See you soon!


  1. That blanket is beautiful! I love the colors, and the design is so pretty. MG is a lucky guy!

    Happy New Year!

  2. This blanket it incredibly beautiful. What a wonderful job you've done! Wow!

  3. This is gorgeous! Is there any chance you'd share the pattern?

    1. I'll try to make a diagram for it so I can share it... I'll post again when it's done... maybe next week...

  4. Is there a pattern? or youtube link?

  5. Your blanket it is beautiful! I absolutely fell in love with this blanket, it would mean the world to me to be able to crochet this lovely blanket for my newborn son! If you could share this pattern soon (or sell it if you created it), you would make me one happy Mommy Crocheter! Thank you for sharing your lovely work, you did a great job! (Sorry if this comment repeated lol)

  6. do you have a pattern for this?

  7. Hi How can I get the pattern for this blanket?


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