December 25, 2010

Christmas Day...

Hello Everyone!!!

I'm in my 3rd day of MG all for myself!!! I'm really happy that he's off work so I can have him here with me all the time!!! I cherrish every moment of our time together.
We had some shopping on Thursday and a Play at the theatre at night with the local act company. We saw "A Christmas Carol"... it was really nice and got us in the Christmassy mood all the way!!!

Yesterday we spend the day at home, happy, enjoying hanging out with each other and preparing our dinner. We went to Church and returned to saw "The Holiday" movie while the dinner was in the oven... had dinner and after that we opened our presents... We have always had our presents on the 24th night, so we did it that way this year too...
MG had asked me like 2 weeks ago if I could write a letter to "Santa" so he could know what to get for me, and I told him that all I wanted was a surprise present.............

And he did so well!!!!! he went totally over any expectations!!!!
I'll have to show you what I got from him in another post, but I'm so so so so so so happy and excited with my presents!!!!!

He is also like that with his!!!!! I finished my secret project for him!
It is a blanket!!!!!! made in Tunisian Crochet... I can't wait to show it to you!!!
I worked on it for the past month, and it's finally over! at least the part I "needed" to get done to give it as a present to MG!!

Anyway! I hope you'd had a GREAT Christmas!!!! what did you got for presents!!????

See you soon!

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  1. So happy to hear you had a wonderful Christmas and that you got the presents you wanted finished all ready. Can't wait to see your photos! All the best in 2011!


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