April 26, 2010

Trip to the Yarn Store.

The spring arrived just when I was finishing the ripple blanket... I needed something new to do, a new project. However, the idea of doing another blanket wasn't inspiring with the warm temperature. So I thought what else it could be... I finished with the idea of a girl dress... Since I don't have kids of my own yet, it should be for a niece.
I went to my local yarn store... mmmmmm I love those trips....
I'm excited all the way to the store, just thinking and anticipating, all the colors and textures that are awaiting me there!! and then, when I got there, and open the door that anounces my arrival with a cheerful bell... I smile, because all the anticipation was right.
Racks and stands, full of yarns, mohair, cotton, wool, acrilic.... wow!!! it's great!!! I love it!!! and I hate it.... I hate the idea of choosing just one, I hate not be able to take them all home with me... so I start walking around, feeling, touching, delighting... filling myself with joy!

I didn't have a pattern yet, so I asked for help. Do I want crochet? or knitting? I'm in a period of returnig to my beginings, so I choose crochet. It's not something easy to find a pattern because, at the store, they have a lot of knitting patterns for a girly dress, but just a few in crochet... finaly, the lady showed me a magazine ::: Crochet Today ::: that had a nice pattern.
So I decided to try it.... ok, Pattern: ChEcKeD!

So now I needed to find a yarn for it... I didn't want a super girly color, I wanted something strong, something alive. Baby colors are ok, and cute, but it was not what I wanted... so I choose a Cascade Yarn from Peru (80% Prima Cotton/20% Merino Wool) in a deep pink...And I made the ball when I got home...
My niece is 1 year old, but this is my first time making a dress (well, besides the ones I did for my dolls when I was a kid), so I decided it will be size 2... just in case I mess it up!

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