April 05, 2010

Ripple blanket


I'm happy, happy, happy...
Spring has arrived with a delicious warm weather, I love to watch the trees and bushes and yards all blossoming with beautiful flowers with diferent colors.
I Love to see our yard, green and ALIVE!!! The breeze that move the trees and get into my window and the kids playing around, riding bicycles and playing ball (not my kids, since I don't have any still, but my neighbourghs kids).

Last week I went out to walk around and found this Daffodils just outside my apt. building, I got so excited about them!!

I had the most Lovely Easter Day!!!! My hubby took good care of that... so we had breakfast out, enjoyed going to the movies, and after our groseries shopping we ended up having a nice evening at home.

Today I want to show you my Ripple Blanket, I think is a good size to finish it... I made it following a pattern written by Lucy which blog I AbSolUtLy LOOOVEEE!!!

I got the yarns as a Christmas present, so it took me around 3 months to finish the blanket (I know it's April, but I din't worked on it for a month).
So I'm very pleased with it, it's a great blanket for snugg in the coach while watching TV, even if we are not gonna use it so often now with the spring-summer time.

See you next time!!

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