April 28, 2010

Pink Girly Dress...

The pattern I choose for the dress is easy to follow, but I had to concentrate on it, specially at the begining while crocheting the yoke. It's a (kind of a) lace pattern at the yoke that didn't allow a lot of multi-tasking while doing it (i.e. watch TV at the same time). But I have to say that I've enjoyed a lot crocheting this.
The dress is crocheted in one piece from the top down, and it has an opening in the back part of the neck so you can pass the girl head without a problem. Later, it will have a button for closing purposes.
Once I passed the yoke, the rest seems to be pretty easy going. It's a repetitive pattern with a few increses every other row, that allow me to do it while watching TV or visiting a friend.
I run out of yarn around a third part of the lenght of the dress, so I had to go back to the yarn store to buy another one. I know you are suposed to buy as much yarn as you will need for a project, so all of it would be the same color as they are dyed in lots... but I decided to buy just one of this to start with.

I have been crocheting for more than 20 years, and also doing jewelry for 13. I don't know if it is because of that or other reason, but after a while (too short while for me) of doing my crafts I start having pain in my hands, fingers and wrists. So I have to stop and I cannot do it for long periods of time any more... wich is really depressing sometimes.
So...... I decided to buy just one skein of yarn, because, since it was primary cotton, I thought it would be hard to work with since cotton is not very stretchy. But so far I haven't had any problem with it.

So I went to the store for another skein, and I bougth 2 this time... one pink and one in a contrasting green (sorry, no picture of that one, I forgot to take it). And this time, instead of making a simple ball like last time, I made a Center Pull Ball with the method shown here and it was such a difference!!!!I hate when you have a regular, simple ball of yarn and you pull it to work with it and your yarn goes rolling and ends at the other side of your living room... with this "tube" method, the ball it's perfect, because the yarn comes from the center and you can place your ball right at your side, or your yarn basket and it won't roll when you pull out the yarn!!! So good!

So now I'm on my way to finish my first crochet dress!!!! I'm excited... and so far, I like how it's going... Hope you like it too!

See you soon!!!

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