July 14, 2012

My love is back!!

yep!... the week passed by and my dear and loved MG is back home with me... I'm enjoying him tons... hear him talk and laugh is a bliss.
I made a special dinner to welcome him home:: pasta with shrimp in a creamy-cheesy-chipotle sauce, ceasar salad, fresh bread... yum, yum!
He brought me a lovely present that tells me that he was thinking about me there... sweet.
I'll take a picture later to show you...

For now, I'm going to the shop today, I have a class to teach in a while and probably leave early to spend the afternoon with MG.

I was out Thursday and Friday... I went to my friends house for a SleepOver!! it was super fun!!
They are a mom and 2 girls (teenagers). I was teaching the girls spanish during the spring semester...
I love them all, they are great and fun and I always have an amazing time with them. They truly make me feel part of the family so I always say that they are my family here, away from home...

Until next time...
See you soon!

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  1. I'm glad he's back.. now I want to know what present he brought you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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