July 18, 2012

MG's present...

Remember that MG brought me a little present from his trip??
Well, here I have a couple of photos for you...
Isn't that a very preatty butterfly?? I love butterflies...
So this has links on the side, that unroll and open and it becomes a purse holder... you know? one of those things that you put on the table and then hang your purse/bag in the hook. It suports with it's own weight and gets your purse close to you, and not in the floor. Ideal for restaurants!!
I couln't take a picture of it in a table, because somehow all the tables in our house are wider and it doesn't fit.

That's all for today... I need to focus and start packing!! we are moving to the other side of town in 2 weeks and we haven't started with the packing... I'm thinking yarns are going into a box today!

See you soon!

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  1. What a thoughtful gift from a husband! It's pretty and will be useful when out in restaurants. Hope your move goes smoothly.. you aren't moving far! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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