December 12, 2011

Yarn Swap!!!

Almost mid December!!! where did the year go??? there's only 2 Mondays in the year after this... Oh my!!!

I'm excited today to tell you about a yarn swap I just had.
It was organized by the 'We love Lucy' group at Ravelry... This was my second swap.

We got our names drawn in mid November, package sent by Dec 5th, and finally on Dec 8th, I got my package!!! a big box full of wonderful pressies!!!

Now... first what I sent to a lovely girl in New Jersey...
A box packed with goodies... lots of goodies!!!
3 balls of Tonic yarn... blue, green and hot pink!
Some crocheted Christmas trees... And flowers...
The package must contained a handmade item... so I put a pair of earrings and a cowl.
And a lot more of little things...
A project bag from Knit Picks (Fabulous bag)... a set of rainbow crochet hooks, some colorful pens, a set of stencils to decorate cookies or coffee, a couple of patterns, a ball of Lustra yarn, and a couple of notes.

I loved putting it together and I think my 'partner' loved it too... she said it was a great gift and was happy with it...

Well she did wonderful too!!!!
Here's what she sent me.... a HUGE box came by UPS! I was so excited...
Of course I opened it imediatly... it was full of packing peanuts... so I dove in them in the look for the presents...
Look I found the first one...
And they kept coming and coming... a lot of them!!!

And then the opening... first came her Handmade item... a bunch of lovely buterflies and dragonflies (which I'm in love with)... I think she did an amazing job with them!
Then the most fun pair of sock!!! bright green and orange-red polka dots, very elf-ish... which I'm wearing right now of course...
More goodies!!! a little stocking with 2 bags of hot chocolate powder (Yum!! I love Hot Choc)... a string of glass beads, a bag of pompoms and a bag of paper cups for my baking!!! in polka dots!
A Fabulous-GoRgEoUs-amazing Christmas tree that you plug in the wall and changes colors!!!!
And a bag of Haribo Gummy Bears that MG claimed as his own :o)
This incredible book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting that book for so long... I have the edgins one and this one is just perfect, besides super inspirational and happy with all the great colors!
A tube of the sweetest Christmas ornaments!!! bright colors, yei!!
And some definetelly yummy yarn!!!!!!!
Oh!!! and I almost forgot... the most amazing wire rack to hand my jewelry!!!! I love it!!!!!
Here! All my treasures together!!!!
Isn't that amazing???? I was truly spoiled and I'm SO happy with it... Oh and I see I didn't take an individual pic, but there's also a red silicone Christmas-Tree-Ice-cube tray... and 2 notes! including 2 of her family Christmas recipes!!!!

Fabulous, isn't it???

See you soon!


  1. If you feel Confidential Enough to Go by the feel of YARN, Please Keep in Mind that you May have to work on the GAUGE.

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  2. Oooo!!! YAY I'm so happy that you liked the package that I sent you! :-D I had such fun putting it together for you! I should have put a note explaining all the parts, but it seems as if you got it all right! YAY!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas! :) OH, and I definitely included the treats in case MG felt left out of all the prezzies! :)

  3. Boy, you got spoiled! Such lovely appropriate gifts! Have fun with them!
    *M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What lovely gifts! And I love what you sent too! Swaps look like a lot of fun!

  5. Wow Shanti your Parcel was perfectly 'You' :) with Gummy Bears thrown in too!


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