November 30, 2011

Divine Slouchy Hat---and Snow....

Yesterday we had snow.... the first official of the season!!!

I was at the Yarn Shop... and I have to say it was magical!
We were "complaining" that it had been raining all day long... and then around 3pm it started to snow... slowly at first, mixed with the rain and it melted as soon as it touched the floor. Then it started to fall heavier and heavier and sticking a little more... and then suddenly it was a heavy snow!! it covered the cars and awnings like in half hour.
It was amazing to be sitted warmly surrounded by beautiful color yarns, and see the snow fall... we even had hot apple cider!! it was perfect!!!
I tried to take pictures but it didn't work...
And of course, all of it will melt today as from now to Sunday the weather is supposed to be clear and sunny!

I worked on a hat for an upcoming class that we'll offer in January for the intermediate level.
It's the Divine Hat by Sarah Arnold... it's a good project for someone that is starting to crochet but has already the knowledge of the stitches.
It has increases and decreases and uses fpdc and bpdc with are a little more advanced that just a dc.
And... while I was looking for a right hat pattern for the class, I noticed that this one is the crochet pattern with more projects done in Ravelry!!!!!!!!!!
I added some increase rounds to make it a little slouchy...
I love the swirl on the top!!It used almost the whole skein of yarn... a pretty tonal purple-lilac Ultra Alpaca by Berroco.

With the remaining I had just enough to make a flower::: 
I loved it! I might make a tutorial on it one of this days... when I can have MG to take pics of my hands working.

See you soon!


  1. I loved your description of the snow beginning to fall and the warmth and color around you.. and I bet the warmth of friendship was also part of the magic. Enjoy the holidays, my friend!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I love hearing your Yarn shop stories, it sounds like a great place to be rain or snow....Mmmm hot apple cider and yarn! Love the hat too :)


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