July 21, 2011

Putting together a Yarn Shop... 2...

Hello Guys!!!

Here I am again with more stories from the yarn shop!

After the painting was done, we continued to look for things, the lights for the outside sign were easy to find but it took forever to get them because they were supossed to be shipped in 3 days and it took around 3 weeks...
The sign was about to come, the lights weren't ready, so the awning couldn't go up!
The awning was in the back room, so we couldn't clean that room or have anything else going on there because the awning was taking a lot of the space... it was really stressful!

Eventually the lights came in, the sign went up, the lights were installed and the awning too... so we could move the looms to the back room.
We made some curtains for the back room, to divide the weaving area from the "private" area of the shop, and some more curtains for under the kitchenette sink.
And last week, Mary Ann and her sister worked in the wall decoration for the back room... I think those are the only big walls that are not covered in slat walls... We've found a forest bamboo vinyl to put back there...
Doesn't it looks great?
We also put one on the oposite side wall, and it's wraping around the corner...
While they were dealing with the bamboos, I was balancing on top of a ladder, hanging paper lanterns to cover the ugly ceiling in the back room...
Some fun color...
You can see some of the looms in the bottom part.

Here's the curtain that devides the weaving area from the kitchenette, office and bathroom... that rod in the middle with a green curtain...
The cubes are finally in what it seems to be their official place... This ones in the front with hooks to waiting for the yarn...
So when you enter you see this in front:
and this to the left:
The window is displaying right now some looms and spinning wheels
This is the middle room
And the sign that needs to be placed...
Do you remember the dark office and the clinical bathroom???
Look at them now! The office is still a work in progress but the bathroom is ready!

So I will leave you my dears.... I'm going for my daily yanry time!
I'll leave you with the delicious 3 leches cake I made for one of the ladies Birthday last Saturday...
If you want to see the recipe, click here.
Stay cool!!! I don't know how it is where you are, but here the weather is increible hot and we have Excesive Heat Warnings!!!!

See you soon!


  1. Brilliant to see work in progress, what team work. It is much easier when it involves yarn and cake :) x

  2. Shanti, that place is looking gorgeous! I love that they'll be weaving and spinning involved too! I owned a shop for weaving and spinning for a short time before my "partner" reared an ugly head.. her husband! I learned then and there if you're ever in business, be the owner or the boss. LOL But it was neat to have a shop even for a short while.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. The shop is looking wonderful, Shanti, I wish I could visit you there! It seems like a lot of work but wow, the result is so worth it!

    Wishing you happy and busy days - and yes, it's VERY hot here too!



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