June 29, 2011

Bits of this and that...

I've been a little all over the place lately... I am still just living, trying to make the most out of my days and just enjoying them and being happy... but my so free life, leisure life, it has become busy and full of things lately!!! which is great and I don't regreat any of it, but it gives me less time to spend in blogland... either reading or writing...

I've been more and more involved with the LYS, and I LOVE it!!!! I'm not "working" there and I'm not official staff, but I spend a lot of time there, helping with different things, giving classes, knitting, crocheting and chatting...
This yarn shop will be moving to another location at the end of July, is just a block away but there's a lot of work to do in the new space and a whole lot to prepare for the actual moving... and I've been helping with that too... it gives me something to do, it allows me to know more about more things and I can be useful to someone.
I love to spend my days there, learning about fibers, different tecniques and medias, diferent yarns and their caracteristics... and all that happens in a store in daily basis...

I've been enjoying this books and magazines...
I just got the Learn Slip Stitch Crochet from Annie's Attic, I have worked with slip stitch before but I've found several interesting things in there, it was on sale when I bought it so a great discovery for $4!. The Interweave Crochet magazine (spring 2011) has several lovely patterns that I am dying to try!
And the Happy Hooker is a book that I've seen for years but just recently picked it up... I think is a must for any crocheter!
This is my reading book on turn... I'm LoVinG it!!!!!!!!!!!

On the Yarny side...... I fixed a crochet blanket for a customer at the yarn store... It was like this and I felt so bad for it!!!!
 It took me a little while because the old yarn was difficult to take out, but I did it and I felt so proud of myself!
I made a shawl/poncho kind of thing for myself.... I used a picture of a shawl from Ravelry for the base, but then I added the mesh ribbon (Swing by Rebecca Pick), that is one of those yarns that you use for a curly scarf.
Anyway, it was fun to make and I can wear it on the side and it looks fun and it's super comfy!
And last, I started to make a top, pattern from Annie's Attic...
I have the back finished and I'm working on the front now... I'm using Cascade Sierra yarn that it's a heavier weight than what the pattern asks for, so I did my numbers and I'm wroking with the small size instructions of the pattern, but it's not really coming out small as it has to be for my side and I'm more Large than small, hehe... but it fits and I'm very pleased with the work so far!
And my last sharing for today is some jewelry... I've been playing with Viking knit.
Don't you love them????

See you soon!!!!


  1. Shanti, love that you repaired someone's beloved blanket and I also love your shawl! What material did you use for crocheting the jewelry? Gorgeous!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wow, you have been busy! That shawl is AMAZING--I've heard that those yarns are tough to crochet with but it looks great the way you used it! And I really like the sweater pattern and the jewelry too.

  3. Wow you are doing so many exciting things. I would love to find out more about the day to day running of a yarn store. I love your repair project, your shawl and your jewelry. It is great to be busy :) I also love reading about your classes you are doing great work. X

  4. What a busy bee, you've been, Shanti!

    And like Teresa said, I LOVE the idea of repairing an old and precious blanket, how wonderful and utterly cool is that? You're making so many people happy daily!

    It's sunny and beautiful here - wishing you the very same! Lovely weekend!



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