June 22, 2011

An Awsome Class!!!

Hello my friends! here I am again... very quickly that I must go... I'm heading to the Yarn Shop for the afternoon!!! Yei!

I just want to share with you my awsome story of last week.

Last week I had my first "official" crochet class at the Yarn Store, I gave a nice class on Monday, and then on Wednesday another... different people, different classes...

The first one was with 3 middle age ladies, friends, one of them had crocheted before and wanted to improve tecnique... the other 2 had never picked a hook before... the class was good and they learned to make a chain and a single crochet stitch in one hour. The one that had crocheted before, learned the crocodile stitch.

My class on Wednesday was special and made me really happy...
It was a private class for a woman named Jackie, who was 83 years old, was in a wheelchair and had some kind of illness that erased her crochet memories. She had some limited and slow movements in her hands and couldn't speak. It was a challenge and a great thing to do.
I stood up behind her, place yarn and hook in her hands in the way I'm used to hold them and grabbed her hands in mine... and started to crochet.... I moved her hands to make chains and after a few she started to move her hands and do it on her own!!!
I stayed by her side, just to hold my yarn and hook in position of each step to form a chain so she could see it if needed and by imitation she could do it again and again...
I could see in her eyes that little by little she was remembering, as she moved her hands and put them in her own position, and grabed the yarn and chain with that movement that every crocheter owns to hold its yarn and move their hands... I don't know how to explain it... is just that she moved her hands in a right way with out me telling her how to do it...

It took a long time and she didn't pass the chain, but she did great!!!!
her daughter told her that she could do the whole skein just in chains and she would say no...
When her daughter went to leave the things in the car so she could come back to take Jackie, I started talking to fill the space... I told her that she had to practice a lot to make great chains, she would say no again and looked around the samples in the store.
I asked her if she had grandsons, and slowly she put down her hook and raised one finger... so I asked her if she wanted us to work in her crochet skills so she can make a hat for his grandson, and then she lighted up, her eyes sparkled and she noded very happy.
I asked if she wanted it to be red or blue, and she looked again to the samples on the store and pointed to a knitted hat in green and yellow, so that's the yarn we would use.
The daughter came back then, and Jackie pointed to the hat... her daughter didn't understand and I explained it all to her.
They both left the store very happy.... and I was happier than them!

I loved to be able to comunicate with her, to see those sparkles of knowledge in her eyes, and loved to feel that I was able to give her some hope that she can do it again... and I have no doubt on that!!!!

I hope they come back for another class...

See you soon!


  1. Wow what an amazing story! I bet it felt so good to help someone like that. That's great that you're teaching classes. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, what a neat experience! You are really doing a wonderful thing helping her. Very cool!

  3. I hope she comes back too, how nice of you to be so patient with her. Growing old is scary.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Sounds lovely, Shanti, these classes are just what our crafting-skills should be used for. I am so happy for your and your "pupils".

    Have a wonderful Midsummer-weeks and many greetings from Finland again!


  5. Shanti, what a lovely thing you are doing and a wonderful experience for you. You are a true teacher and an inspiration to others. You must be a very kind person. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. xoRobin❤


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