January 18, 2011

Little Sister Dress

I FINISHED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finished! I finished!!!!

WOW!!! I am so so so happy and excited!!! this little dress took me forever to get it done...
it was knitted, so no my usual crochet...
I started it back in May last year... I worked "hard" on it for a couple of months and then we had the moving and then I went to Mexico so it kind of got forgotten, better say hybernating... until last week.

Last week was my "finish knitted items" week... just because sometime they have to be done!

So first I finished a vest for me... I still don't have a good pic, so I'll show it later...

By mid week I finished this dress!!!! I still need to add the buttons!
Isn't it cute???? I LOVE IT!!!!

I used Tora Froseth Pattern, and followed the instructions for 3 months... The pattern asked for fingering weight yarn I think and 3 mm needles:: TOO small and thin for my hands, so I changed and used worsted weight (Cascade 220, I sure love that yarn) and 6mm needles....

So even when I followed the 3 month pattern, the increase in yarn and needles size made my dress suitable for a 4 year old!!!!
As I still don't have anyone to use it, I don't really mind that it is for a 4 year old.

I'm hoping to have a girl of my own one day that would wear it... and in the meantime I'll contemplate it and be happy!

See you soon!


  1. Very pretty. It's nice to get a UFO out of the way.

  2. It's adorable! I know how good it makes you feel to finish a WIP. Bravo to you, Shanti!!

    Hugs, Teresa

  3. It's very pretty! congrats on finishing it!

  4. Oh it's beautiful! I did always love your colourway. I really need to get on and cast one on myself now. :)

  5. So adorable! Love the colors! Congrats on finishing, it does feel sooooo good! ♥

  6. Cute! Any idea of the buttons yet?

    Happy day!



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