January 19, 2011

Delicious Idea!!!

Unfortunally not mine... but here it is:::

A few days ago I found WhipperBerry Blog... That is a cooperative blog with a few amazing and creative women... and there was this incredible delicious idea that I want to try!!

Hot Chocolate on a stick!

This was posted by Heather and she made this Chocolate and Marshmallow combos sticked and decorated them properly as a gift... the idea is to put the stick on a mug and add hot milk to obtain Hot Chocolate!!!
I borrowed the image from the blog.  (I looked in case it wasn't permited, but I couldn't find anything that said I couldn't and I wanted to show you...)

Anyway, go to their blog to see this fantastic idea!!!

See you soon!

PS... my Crochet Club packages arrived this afternoon, I'll wait for better light tomorrow to take some photos to show you! it is a very pretty yarn! I'm off to work on my tension!

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  1. When to have a look at WhipperBerry. Thanks for sharing this link. A very cool place! These do look delicious. :)


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