June 01, 2010

Yarn Swap!

I'm really, really excited because I'll have my first swap ever!!! I got into it through We Love Lucy Raverly Group... where I also got 2 new penpals... so I'm very happy about that too...
I've been thinking in which yarn should I buy for my swap partner... what else should I get for her... and I'm so excited that I can barely content my self...
MG smiles every time I tell him about this, and how I feel like I'm discovering a whole new world that looks so amazing and so my-kind-of-thing... what-I-want-to-do... what-makes-me-happy... and makes-my-day-shine....


So... we have to wait for a little while, and in a month or so, a bit more, we will have an awsome surprise!!!
Can't wait!!!

See you soon!

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