June 09, 2010

Swap... in progress.

Hello all!!!
I've been enjoying myself in this warm-hot days... I love been able to wear a skirt or a dress... and love been all surounded by color.
I finished my "The Friday Night Kniting Club" book, and couldn't help to buy the sequel... so now I'm enjoying "Knit two", and I'm off to read for a while by the pool!!!
But I wanted to let you know the status of my swap...

I kept thinking in what I could get for my swap partner, and I wanted something that she coudn't get where she lives... so I ended up deciding for one of my favorite yarns... I can't tell you a lot more for now, just in case she is reading, because I want it to be a surprise as much as I can... but I'll take pictures to post here after everything is complete!
I'll go to the mail later to send my package!!!

Have fun!
See you soon!

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