June 12, 2010

African Flowers, Progress!

I'm happy with my progress... it's not comming very fast, but that is because I haven't work on it a lot. I like the colors but I'm not completly crazy about them... I feel like I need more shades to complete and combine them... anyway, I just had 4 colors, so I'm doing what I can, LOL.

I decided to make an extra round in all of them in a lighter blue, stash yarn that I bought for the slippers. It's Red Heart Super Saver, so it's a bit scratchy, but not too bad... I haven't decide what I will do with them once I sew them together.

I'm making all the possible combinations with those 4 colors, so I get 6 hexis with the same color for the center flower. So far I've use 3 colors for the center, so I have 18 hexagons...

What should I do with them?

See you soon!

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