May 26, 2010

My Very First African Flower

I haven't been here in a couple of days... I haven't done a lot of handmade things... my Little Sister Dress is going sooo slow, that I don't feel that the progress of 2 rows is worth of posting...
I like the way is growing, but like I've said, I'm much more slow knitting than crocheting... and I felt the other 2 dresses where SO fast!!

Anyway... today I tried something different... I've been thinking and thinking in a African Flower something... and today I decided to try...
I thought it would be a nice pattern to make, single Hexi-Flowers, to use as coasters, that we desperatly need now that the hot weather has arrived and all our cold drinks get moist on the outside and I don't want the coffee table to get damaged.
So I took out my patterns from Elizabeth Cat and Heidi Bears and started crocheting while doing my hands-wrist therapy.

I decided to use the blues and green yarns that MG bought for me 2 weeks ago... remember? the ones in the basket?
I had some "problems" at the begining... because I tried to make the center with a magic loop (magic ring) and it didn't look right, so I had to undo it and started again... and then I noticed that I was using a 5mm hook that was the one suggested by the pattern... BUT my yarn asked for a bigger hook, and it was a big difference because with the 5mm hook, my piece was all wrinkled and didn't look nice.
Sooo... undo and do again... with a 5.5mm hook, and it was such a difference!!!
Now the flower was taking the hexi form like it was suposed to...

The colors doesn't show very good in the picture... but I like the result although it is huge to be a coaster... Maybe I'll make a blanket or a pillow full of African Flowers...

And I'll have to think in other pattern, or yarn/hook at least to make the coasters...

See you soon!

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