April 05, 2013

Preparing a move.

I don't think you can see a lot from that photo... I took it with the iPod and it doesn't have a great definition and the light is weird from this angle. This is what I see from the computer while typing this. Our living room looks like there was an explosion there... things are everywhere. Suitcases and boxes that are already packed fill the rooms and hallways.
Things that are on their way to be packed or donated or given away to friends are in piles all over the place. Things that we haven't got around yet, change places as we need to clear out furniture to be taken away.

It is hard to see your things go. That table or book shelf that have been with us since we started our life together... that chair we bought on special or a cute thing that we got at a fair... and so on.
I listed our furniture on Craigslist... we've sold a few things. Friends had also come and bought several things, some others have come and taken a lot of things, hangers, food, kitchen ware, etc.
We'll hope to have a few more friends over to take things with them. I'm making an appointment with the Salvation Army to come and pick up whatever is left at some point mid next week.

We bought a couple of suitcases from Good Will and non of our suitcases match and I don't recognize those that we bought... so I made suitcase tags! just to have something unifying and be able to recognize them all.
Just a few rounds of sc in 3 different yellows and a last round of red, then a chain. Made out of cotton, they came out great.

We are moving mainly with suitcases... and shipping some boxes of books and things, specially yarn and jewelry crafts.

I'm sad because yesterday we found out that my dearest friend from this place, the owner of the shop, won't be here when I leave. She's been out of town for the past week on a family emergency and it seems totally unlikely that she'll be able to come back before our leaving. It might be easier to not say goodbye... but I know it'll be hard on both of us.
Since she's away, I'm taking care of the shop today and tomorrow for a part of the day. I've never done it for more than half an hour on my own!
We are having a farewell party at the shop on Sunday... it'll be really hard without her there... but I'll be very happy of having all my friends there to say good bye. It'll be really special and I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Finally, I finished a top last week. (well, 3 actually but haven't take a picture of all of them)
It's crochet... no pattern. although I hope to write it soon.
It's made with Shepherds wool. Such a nice yarn!!! perfect top for a cold spring day.

See you soon!

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  1. Moving for one place to another is not an easy task, it requires lot of energy and effort. You are really good with wool stuff, loved your work, thank you for sharing it


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