November 15, 2012

Late Crochet

It seems that I have way to many projects going on at the time... which also means that there is some times when a bunch of projects get done one right after another...
And I haven't post about them.

Here's a cowl I made in the summer... I wrote the pattern, I just have to edit it and make it pretty to share or sell.
Here, a whole bunch of squares for my friend wedding blanket... they are all done (all 80 of them) and joined together and now just waiting for the border, will come back with that soon.
 I finished another Seafoam Shawl... I love this little pattern! I think is the 3rd one I've made...
And lately, this cute panda hat!!! We have it in display at the shop!!
See you soon!

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  1. All great projects! I love the color of your shawl!


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