November 19, 2012

A Baptism coming...

About 3 weeks ago I got a phone call from MG's boss' wife. She and the husband had been talking about baptizing their daughter and wanted to know if we'd like to be the Godparents...


MG and I were both very happy and honored to be considered for this important job, and delighted to get to be God-father and God-mother of a sweet little girl and tighten the relation we have with this couple (the boss and wife). The girl, soon to be God-daughter, is not a baby anymore. She's 5 years old and a pretty, gorgeous girl with super curly hair.

The Baptism will be in December and we've been preparing for this for a couple of weeks. We had to get registered in the Church (we hadn't done so because it's something you don't do in Mexico so we didn't know it was needed to do it here), get documents from our Churches in Mexico that our moms had to go and get and then email to us.
At first I wasn't sure of what we should or needed to do, what was expected from us, and finally I asked the mom and we talked about it and now we are happy with the result. They are latinos also, so our traditions are pretty similar.

We bought a medal and chain for the girl (via Amazon)
I did some Pinterest research about ideas for invitations, favors, decoration, etc... and I came accoss a shop on Etsy  Custom Print Gallery that offers small stickers that are the right size to stick on the bottom of Hershey Kisses... I worked along with her and I designed some little images and sent  the stickers to print. You can see them on the right, on the left are some organza bags I got to put the kisses into and then add the thank you card.

I also worked on the Invitations, favors and thank you cards that I sent to print at Persnickety Prints.
I printed the favors cards and the thank you cards together in the same card, so now I have to cut them to have them ready on the day. I made 2 designs for the cards, one with white background and the other with brushed pink background... finally I decided on the white but made a mistake when uploading them to Persnickety website so the Invitations are brushed pink background and the favor cards have white background.
The last thing I sent to print was a 8x8 print of the same image I used for the favor cards... That's why I had bought a frame (the one I went to exchange yesterday to Michaels, it was broken).
I also have a candle that I will try to decorate... I'll tell you my success (I hope) when it happens.

So for now I have to buy the kisses, put a sticker on them and place them in the bags, cut the favors - thank you cards and add the thank you cards to the chocolate bags. Work on the candle and the day before the event.... I have to make the cake!!!! I'm a little stressed about it.

My friend at the shop says I'm doing a lot... I'm just happy of doing it. It's not a burden to do any of this.

See you soon!


  1. What an honor to be asked to be the God parents! You are being so nice to make such special things. Don't stress out.. it will be great.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    PS - have you gotten rid of your links to your friends blogs? :-(

    1. No, I haven't Teresa... I just checked and they are still there, I can see them. Let me know if you don't see them so I can check.

      I'm so happy doing the stuff for the Baptism... I'm just enjoying, not stressing!
      Hugs for you!

  2. How lovely, what a privileged role! x


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