July 08, 2012

Little crochet... or crochet for the little ones.

Every once in a while my crocheting and knitting gets to a point where I need something little and fast!! a quick project that will give me more instant gratification than a project that looks like it's not growing at all. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

So last week I got to one of those points... and decided to make something little, cute and fast::: baby things!!

The first one was the Milky Baby Vest by Mon Petit Violon
I bought the pattern a while ago in one of her sales for a bundle with other patterns. I love her patterns, she has patterns for very cute baby things and all the patterns I have from her are really well written and explained and usually have several explanatory photos.
That photo is very close to the color of the yarn, which is a Coton Glacé by Rowan.
I then added a little trim at the neck and armwholes in a light minty green.
It's a cute vest for a 12-18 months old girl. I love how it came out.
I don't have anyone in mind for it right now...

See you soon!

 PS... It's RAINIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's raining!!! I think we haven't had rain in around 2 months... everything here in the middle east is so sooooooo dry! the grass is the color of the sand and the heat is just overwhelming and dry... very dry and hot.

And it's raining!!! thank God!!! even if it comes with thunders! (I hate thunders)

UUPPPPSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally made a mistake!!! I was thinking another thing and my fingers did a horrible typing!!
I'm not in the middle east!! I meant mid west!!! Toooootally different! LOL!


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    1. Oh Teresa!!! totally mistaken, I thought in one language and typed in the other and it came out wrong... I'm in the Mid West... Indiana.

  2. I LOVE her patterns, too! I probably have at least 10 now... Keep making girl clothes and that's what you'll end up having someday! lol


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