July 11, 2012

A guided Journal...

Last week I was surfing the web in one of those days that you jump from webpage to webpage and you end up finding wonderful things in the way.
One of those findings was a website called Grace is Overrated... Christie has a shop on etsy where she sells little books of guided journals. Which some times I feel is just what I need to write about things that I would normally wouldn't think about writting but are things that right now are part of my every day life and maybe in 5 years won't be any more and there will be no record of it.

On the right side panel of the blog, she has links to different things and one of them says Journal Pages. And I went there and saved them all, one by one, in my computer and today I printed them.
I think is totally worth to pay a visit to her... go to her blog and see the fun things she has there. Also I love the white, crisp look of her page splashed with nice touches of color.

Then I went out to Target and got a very nice package of 50 crayola washable markers in pretty, bright colors...
And then I put color in the first page of my journal...
My plan right now is to fill a page a week... that will give me almost a year.
I'll share with you as I progress...

See you soon!

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  1. What a fun thing you found on that website! I love when you are surfing and find something that you love. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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