May 24, 2012

New Blanket in Progress

I love blankets... there is something about them that captivate me.
I can't explain quite well what it is. And when I think about all the time you spend making one it seems a little nuts to actually crochet or knit a blanket... but I realize that almost all the time I have one blanket (AT LEAST) in progress.... right now I have 3!!!
Hubby won't like that! lol!
Every item that is knitted or crocheted, and specially a blanket, is usually made out of pure love... I guess that is why I love them.
They will cover you and get you warm and wrap you in love. :o)

I'm making a blanket for my friends wedding in October. I am using the Sunny Spread pattern which very nicely is a free pattern. I love the look of it, it's made of squares that are pretty easy to memorize, and have a lot of texture, giving a very interesting look to the blanket once they are all put together.
I have 30 so far...
I'm not really sure how many I'll make... the pattern calls for 64, but I'm not sure if I like that size (52" x 52" / 132cm x 132cm), I think I'd like it a little bigger... so maybe 81... we'll see... it also depends on how much yarn it takes!!
I'm using Vintage worsted... by Berroco.
I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE that yarn, is super soft, washable, comes in great colors and has a good price. I use it for a lot of my knitting/crocheting, but is deffinetly a great choice for blankets.

Here's how it looks all together spread out! I haven't joined them yet, I want to have them all first...
See you soon!

Oh! And I almost forget... I just wanted to share something else:
I joined Curves back in December... I like it because once I'm there is fun and you finish in a wink.
I've been on and off during this time and practically haven't gone this past month because of the dizzyness...
Well.............. this week I've been there all 4 days!!! Monday trhough Thursday so far!!!
A LOT of it, and probably ALL of it thanks to MG that very nicely and gently ask me in the morning if he should give me a ride over there... Thank you Cielo!!!

I can feel the results in my body, is working and I'm trying to eat healthier and better so I hope to get rid of some weight soon!!
I'm also doing a thing that they call Curves Smart that is a small tag that has your data and measures your performance during the sesion and sets a higher goal for you and stuff... so I'm competing against myself....

soon... a healthier and improved me!!



  1. Good for you to be working out. My swimming is helping me feel healthier, too. Gorgeous blanket!

  2. The blanket is beautiful. Can't wait to see if all together. Good for you with working out and eating healthy. I'm back with weight watchers and eating much better too. Makes such a difference.


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