March 13, 2012

Fresh off the hook!!!

I'm excited!!! 2 things I finished this week...

A "coat" that I started at the beginning of the year, and was one of the big projects that I ran out of yarn for like for a month... is finally finished!!! maybe a little touch ups here and there and dealing with a few ends and tails... It's one of the biggest pieces I've made so far.
I was totally inspired and based my coat on the designs of a girl from Argentina. She sells her work on Etsy as Molda. I think I first found her around a year ago and I was totally crazy for her designs... but I saw she only sells small-medium size, and being on the big end I couldn't buy one of hers... so after a lot of thinking I came up with one for myself....




Don't you looooove it??????

I do!!! I'm in love with my new coat, it reminds me of "Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat"!
I'm so proud of it!!! and so proud of myself of being able to do so without a pattern!
The pink bands goes up at the sides of my neck and I like the way it looks... I'll ask MG to take pics of me in it one of this days....
I added the lace at the middle to close it a little bit and at the band in the wais to make it a little slimer-ish.

The other item is blocking as we speak... and it's a cute little shawlette-scarf that I saw on the Interweave Crochet Accesories from last winter... The Sea Foam Shawl
Made with a sock yarn that I got 2 weeks ago at the quilt show... I think I didn't tell you about that!!
But there was a yarn booth and I got the yarn for this pretty shawl... I like it a lot! the color is a little deeper that the photo, but changes from red to purple...
Have a good night!

See you soon!


  1. Wow, your coat is quite simply aMAYzing! And the shawl too! Your parents will be very proud of you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thank you Teresa!!! I'm so excited to see them!!!! they already checked in for the first flight!!

  2. Very nicely done. I going to pin it.

  3. Wow Shanti, that coat is gorgeous!! I love the colours you've chosen, congrats on making it without a pattern!

  4. How lovely, you must be feeling very happy with two gorgeous makes to show us all..they are beautiful, I especially love your new coat.

    I'm in a happy mood too as I've just finished one of my projects, you can have a look if you pop over to my blog

    Happy new project!
    Fleur xx

  5. I have given you a blogging award! Come check out the details at my blog:

  6. Oh, that's lovely! Well done you for making something without a pattern. I haven't plucked up that much courage yet.


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