March 08, 2012

A crochet vest...

Last week I was tired of my knitting summer top that didn't have a good outcome... I'm still upset for it and it's away in a plastic bag until I get the courage to deal with it...
My crochet projects are finally on the go... I'm making 2 duster toppers (really big projects) and I was out of yarn for both of them for almost a month... so getting back to working on them was difficult because it felt that I've been working on that forever...

I needed something fast, enjoyable and with great results and looking for something else, I came across this jacket on Ravelry. It's from Lana Grossa and I loved it....
The pattern looked super simple and fast (using a 9mm/N-M hook!!!)
Wondering around the shop to decide on yarn and back to my beloved Vintage Chunky....

3 days and Ta-Dah!!!!!!!!
Absolutely perfect!!! don't you think??

I LOVE it!!!!! I decided to leave it as a vest because spring and summer are coming so I didn't add the sleeves, and did the scalop-y edge in the armholes too.
I LOVE the drape in the back and the feeling of it over all, also, I skiped the last 2 rows because I didn't want the overlaped crossed closing, but it's big enough to close it if I want to use a pin!

I thought I'd put the arms when the fall comes... but given the short time it took, I might make another one in a different color!!!

Happy middle of the week! and happy international Women day!!

See you soon!


  1. Ooh that really is lovely!

  2. That is pretty and you look lovely in it! Good job!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. It's lovely! Wow, three days only? You must be superfast with a hook! Hope you've had a great Women's day :-) x

  4. That looks fabulous! I can't wait to see it in person!


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