November 11, 2011


Today I'm ready to be happy!!!

To make a wish at 11.11... and you get two if you make one in the morning and another one at night.

I'm off to help defining spaces and organizing the Spinners and Weavers Guild Annual Show... later the vendors will come (the guild members) to set up their stands... will be so interesting and fun to see the inside of a show, the set up and preparations, instead of just getting there when they are ready and open to the public...

Then I think I'll go to the Yarn Shop for an afternoon of making Holliday decorations with a couple of girls that go there after school while her mom gets out of work... don't you love the idea of "day care" where you can knit and crochet and learn fibery stuff???? I love that!

And then back to the show to see it in full with the vendors in place!

Have a great fun day and don't forget to make your wishes!!!

See you soon!

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic day....May your wishes come true! :) x


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