September 19, 2011

Knitting Adventures

Back in May, when we had our trip to Rochester, I bought some Vintage Chunky yarn to make a top...
It has been seating in the closet since then and is hoping to see the light sometime this fall to go from this
To this...
you might remember that last year I made a little dress using this free pattern on Ravelry
Well, now I want to make the same one, but for my size!!!!! it'll be interesting for sure...

It looks like my fall will be full of knitting, to have a change from crochet... not really. Is just that I've came along several knitting projects that I've postponed till the fall.

I'm taking a sweater class at the Yarn shop, that will be knitted.

I just finished this nice shawl
It's made with one of those self texturing yarns, something similar to ChaCha  but from a French company. I got it in Mexico, and 2 balls were enough to make this estole (is that the word?)... Here's a close up of the texture:::
It was very fun to knit... I felt like I was knitting with a cloud!!!

Also in Mexico, I worked on a cable hat... which was my first succesful cable project and I am very happy with it and proud that I was able to make it!
It has a long ribbing for the brim, so you can fold it:
 Look how pretty they are!!! I'm still excited about them!!
I used a free pattern that my LYS gave me... and again Vintage yarn (by Berroco), this time in Worsted weight. I sooo love that yarn!

Last, I leave you with a photo of myself in the Annie's Attic top that I told you about here...
I finished it in June I think, but it wasn't until a week ago that MG took me a picture wearing it...

See you soon! more knitting adventures to come!

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