June 13, 2011

W is for... Wire Jewelry

It has been about a month since I was last here...
I've missed it but somehow, I feel like I hadn't have time for blog land... no, scratch that. I for sure, hadn't have any time for blogland... not for reading, not for writing...

I'm back and hope to be right on track again... this A-Z blogging was a lot harder than I thought and made me lose my writing track.

W is for Wire Jewelry, which I've been doing a lot in the past month... you see, last weekend I had my first show!!
I had a booth at the Luna Festival. Which is an event organized by Women Inspire, and organization that supports and empower women on business and arts.
I don't have pictures of my booth right now... they are on MG camera and I have to unload them to my laptop... but here some of the earrings I had that day!
I displayed some of the jewelry in a manequin... can you tell I was at the yarn shop???

Have to go!
See you soon!

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