April 14, 2011

L is for.... LOTS of things...

I've reassured that I'm not very good at following a blog challenge... I've tried in the past without success and this time is the same... I'm still following the idea of a post with each alphabet letter, but I'm not good at the "everyday" part, and not because I don't have time, but so far it has become a little difficult for me to find the right word or subject to talk about with the designated letter...
I'm already behind and that just makes me feel pressure... and this is supossed to make me happy instead of suffer, so I'll continue with the letters but at my own peace...

L is for LOTS of things, because as I was thinking and thinking in a good word with L and couldn't find one that seemed right, I thought that:::

L is for Language... which is the first thing that had make difficult for me to think in the right word with a letter... I can talk and write in English, and I know it's not perfect, but I can manage to have a conversation and even to write a blog! but when I "have" to think in a word with a specific letter......... ¿¿¿¿¿?????? I get blocked and I just come up with words in Spanish!!!

L is for Lonely... as I just spent 3 wonderful weeks back home, surrounded by friends and family, doing all kinds of stuff; being back in our "little" town it's being just a bit difficult (Our town it's not a town, it's really a city, but after my big city everything looks small), I love being back with MG but he's at work all day so I need to get used again to be by myself and to not have people around all day. So yesterday I felt a bit lonely and went to the university campus to see people, and after a while I joined MG and went to his lab.

L is for Laboratory, MG's lab, where I spent the evening yesterday trying to catch up in blogland! and it was great to be there, just for being with him even when he was working and working... I sat there, crocheting on my new project and reading blogs... I could have had a hot drink to make it perfect!

L is for Love.... I love MG sooooo much!!!! it's really great to be back with him. I really missed him and it's good to notice that. And it's amazing to note and know that he missed me and that he is really really happy to have me back. All the time when we are together, he looks at me and smile, he kisses me and hugs me and I can see how happy he is for me to be here.
On Monday when I got here, he gave me a card where he wrote how much he missed me... and when we got home he had a pot of tulips and another card with a chocolate for our aniversary (that was just before I left).
It was so, so sweet!!! and extra special for me because it's the first time he has cards for me, and I've been wanting flowers for a long time...

and Last but not Least... L is for Love again... because I'm love, love, loving my new project!!!!
I'm still not sure that I love the yarn, talking about it's thickness and feeling... it is 100% cotton and it feels fresh like cotton, but it's not very soft and drapey... and I'm using a 4mm hook which it's a little small for my like... but I'm LOOOOOving the design (really simple), and I'm Totally and Completelly IN LOVE with the colors!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not very good at color combination, although I think it could be hard to have a bad combo with the colors I got because it appears like all of them work together... but anyway, I used the Stripe Generator to work the pattern... I'm in the 7th row and L O V I N G it!!!!
The colors are rich and bright and they make me feel rested and happy... it will be some sort of blanket, I think a picnic blanket or a play blanket or something like that... I'll use all the colors I bought (here's a pic so you remember)
except the light pink, black and white and the turquoise blue...
The turquoise blue is the fourth from left to right in the blues row that is kind of hide under the others. I intend to use that ball for a nice border!
The stripes will be random in color and width. It'll have stripes of 1, 2 and 3 rows... but the random thing put the first 4 colors in 2 rows stripes...
I'll go to work on it some more infront of the TV!!!

See you soon!


  1. Shanti you are much too hard on yourself! I think you've done a very good job with the alphabet postings. Your flowers are "L"ovely..lol
    I've never seen this stripe generator before, thanks for sharing!..I bet I just spent 20 minutes messing around with it..wasn't I just complaining about my lack of time management:) Your blanket is coming along nicely..take care!

  2. Dear Shanti, I'm with Nicole, no one is keeping track of what days you post, we're just happy to see them when they come. Blogging is for fun and when you feel like it - not for pressure. ((hugs))


  3. "L"ucky you! Flowers, Chocolate and a card makes for a lovely day! I love the yarn colors too! Cheers! ~Merri


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