April 04, 2011

C is for Birthday!!!

Well... C is for Cumpleaños, that is the Spanish word for Birthday...

Today is my Mom's Birthday... she's 56 today.
The double of my age!! 28!

I'm really happy that I get to be with her... We'll have lunch at one of her friends house, whom is an aunt of MG's and she's the one who introduced us 4.5 years ago!!!

Yesterday we celebrated her at my aunt house.
I'll try to post pics later!

See you soon!


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!1 The same age as I am and I have a 28 year old daughter too. Do hope you get to see her and celebrate! xoRobin❤

  2. Happy birthday to you mom! Hope you are enjoying your time in Mexico.

  3. Hope you have a great birthday celebration!


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